Live while we're young

How can a plane ride to England go so wrong?


6. Crash


Then, as if it had just appeared from nothing, the plane began to rumble, and vibrate. It began slowly, but then became more violent, until the plane was rocking from side to side. A croaky announcement sounded from the captain, and he told us that lightning had just hit the plane. Me and Maisie looked at each other in horror, and grabbed Romany and Katie, until we were all huddled together. Louis, Harry, Zayn and Niall all came over, and hugged us. As soon as Niall's arms were around me, I felt safer. 

Suddenly, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off the back of the plane. The first class door swung open, revealing that the back of the plane had vanished. We heard yells and screams coming from below us, and then I realised, the lightning had struck the plane in half. I jumped up and ran straight forward, into the captain's room. There were no hostess' because they had all went to help the person that had been sick. The captain and the vice-captain were sat, shaking, pressing every button they could find, gripping the steering wheel so hard I could see their knuckles almost popping out of their veins.


They both turned round, and shook their heads at me, before grabbing two parachutes and rushing behind me, and jumping off the back of the plane. I ran with them, and grabbed onto the edge before I fell, watching their parachutes open when they were only half way down. I turned round and saw Romany crying into Louis's arms. The boys all looked scared, but were trying to keep on a brave face.

The plane was now rocketing downwards, but we still had lots of balance. I felt like I had to take control. 

'Here is what we are going to do' I shouted. 'We're going to wait until the plane is low enough, and jump into the sea. Kapeesh?' 

Everyone looked scared, but nervous. The suitcases were stored underneath the first class bit, so hopefully we hadn't lost everything, we would still have something to change into. I grabbed my backpack, and attached it firmly to my bag. I quickly got my phone out, and texted my mum and dad,

'I love you, thank you for looking after me, give my love to all my friends and family'

I looked up, and a stray tear fell as I pressed send. I put on a determined face, and grabbed the sides of the plane, and peered over the edge. We were past the cloud layer, and falling very fast. I could see a tiny dot of green. Land?! I waited another minute until we were closer, and yes it was land. I told the others, and I could see a tiny bit of hope, growing as they looked over the edge. I told them my new plan.

'We are still going to jump into the sea, but near to the island. When we are near the island, I want us to throw our phones, and bags as far as we can, and try to get them to land on the island, so they don't get wet.'

Everybody nodded, and I braced myself, trying to remain calm, as I fully leaned over the edge, and looked underneath. There were about 200 suitcases, all safe, and in a simple metal cage, that looked sturdy but easy to open. I could reach some of them from here. Maybe I could even drop down, and find ours? I called Zayn over, he looked the strongest. I told him to grab hold of my hands, and lower me down, and swing me, and then let go when I yelled. I heard the wind whistling through my hair, and I landed with a thud. I felt a small snap in my foot, but my adrenaline healed it almost instantly. I chucked some of the suitcases over the side, until I found mine and Maisie's, right by each other. I turned back round, and almost screamed in horror, we had almost reach the island. We were really close to it by now, so I chucked as many suitcases as I could straight down, and hoped they landed on the island. I yelled at everybody to grab their stuff, and jump. I looked up, and found scared faces looking back at me. I shook my head, and breathed deeply, before jumping.

'QUICK' I yelled, and could hear screams as everybody jumped. I was hurtling through the air, the wind making my eyes stream. 

'Remember the plan' I heard somebody yell, and did a thumbs up. I got my phone and bag, and chucked them as far as I could, hoping they would reach the island. I crossed my arms over my chest, and made my legs go straight. I took a last deep breath...

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