Live while we're young

How can a plane ride to England go so wrong?


2. Breakfast

'Have you had breakfast?' I asked them, leading them into the kitchen, already knowing the answer.

They all shook their heads, and Maisie said 

'We were hoping for some of your pancakes, the ones with the honey on?'

I giggled, and tied on an apron that was next to the oven.

'Girls, prepare to eat the most amazing breakfast ever!'

I set to work making the pancakes, and melting some nutella, it was already a spread, but Katie likes hers warm and gooey. I got the honey out of the cupboard and some butter from the fridge. After sprinkling some cinnamon on the pancakes, I pronounced them done, and laid everything on the kitchen table. The girls grabbed whatever they could, and stuffed them in their mouths. I ate one daintily to show them manners, but it tasted so good I ended up shoving it in my mouth as well. When we were finished, I loaded everything up in the dishwasher and checked the time. 9:10. The taxi was coming at 9:15 to take us to the airport, and the boarding gates were going to open at 10:30. By the time it took us to get to the airport, we would have a good hour to do some shopping and probably grab a starbucks and a small bite to eat.

'Make sure your suitcases are at the door girls' I said.

They all went out to the hall to move their bags right by the door. I ran upstairs to get mine, and lumbered down the stairs with it, with my big backpack rested on my back. I then grabbed my phone and iPod off the kitchen table and chucked them into my jacket pocket, which I had just put on.

Then we all heard a beeping noise, the taxi was here! I ran to the living room to say bye to my mum and dad. I didn't make a big scene, we'd all went out last night for a meal and said a proper goodbye then. I gave them a big hug and they kissed me on the forehead. I went back to the front door, and saw that the girls were lugging their stuff across my driveway. I sighed, and blew a kiss to my parents, who were waiting with me. I grabbed my suitcase, made sure I had my purse with my money in, and my phone. I then went to the taxi, and stored my suitcase neatly on top of Maisie's. I blew my parents and my house one last kiss, and climbed into the taxi. The engine turned on, and off we went. I felt prepared and ready. I was going to be focused, no parties, no staying up late, I was going to learn as much as I could and make everybody proud.

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