Live while we're young

How can a plane ride to England go so wrong?


7. Ankle Snap

I hit the water with a huge force. The cold water washed over me, and when I opened my eyes(yep, I can do that, I'm awesome) I realised that I was very deep. I swam as fast as I could to the top, but just couldn't make it. I let my arms go soft, and sunk back down, closing my eyes. Then, I felt firm hands grab my arms, and pull me up with so much force. I gasped as I hit the surface, and forced as much air down my throat as I could. I opened my eyes to see Zayn's eyes right next to mine. I grinned and gave him a hug. 

'WE DID IT!' I yelled, glad that even though I did it, I had someone with me.

I looked around, and saw that we were only about 20 strokes away from the island. Me and Zayn swam towards the island, the water gradually getting shallow, and warmer. When we could stand up, I gave him another hug, and looked around. I saw Niall helping Katie, and Harry with Romany. Wait, where was Maisie? I scanned the water, and could see nothing, until I heard a voice shout from behind me,

'Glad you could make it, shorty.' 

Maisie has weird nicknames for me, one of them being shorty. I'm actually very tall, so it's like sarcasm. I sighed with relief, and tried to run to give her a hug, but overwhelming amounts of pain shot through my left leg, and I fell to the floor, screaming. Zayn and Maisie came running over, with Louis following Maisie close behind.

'Abi, what's wrong' Maisie whispered, holding my head up.

'On the plane, when I jumped for the suitcases, I heard something snap, but the adrenaline stopped it from hurting, but now, I think it's fallen off.'

'Well, some of the suitcases managed to come in, yours and mine, but I didn't find Romany's or Katie's. I also found Niall's and Zayn's. Well, there are two of Zayn's.'

I grinned before the pain washed over me again. Zayn gripped my foot tightly, and the pain hurt more at first, but gradually started to ease. He gently pulled my leggings up, but they were so wet, they wouldn't move. He looked questioningly at Maisie, and she smiled and nodded. Maisie pulled my leggings down completely, so I only had my underwear on, but at that moment, I really didn't care. Zayn peered closely at  my ankle area, and prodded around, until I let out a load groan in the place that it hurt the most.

'It's an ankle snap' Zayn said, after another minute of careful examination.

'What's that mean?' I asked him, but he just shrugged, and muttered something about it should get better soon.

'You need something to wrap it up with, it's in all the TV shows' Maisie said, and ran off to find some big leaves. I watched her as she ran off, and my eyes wandered around the whole island. It was pretty small, but had a big rock formations, so we could hopefully use them as some form of shelter. Food; fish I guess, and wrinkled my nose, I hated fish. But, before I had turned back round to face Zayn, something fell out of a tree, and rolled along the beachy area. A coconut! Now that was better than some sushi! Maisie came running back straight away, with a band of leaves wrapped round her shoulder. 

When my ankle was all wrapped up, nice and tight, I found that I could actually walk again. Slowly, but I could. Zayn helped me up, and we went to go and greet the others, who were just wading in. We all had a big group hug, before all trudging back to the place where Maisie and Louis had put whatever suitcases and not smashed phones and ruined bags they could find. Somehow, everything of mine was there. Maisie's phone had smashed, along with Katie's and Romany's, but mine had a protective case on. All their bags were fine though, if not a little torn and crumpled. I opened mine up, and took out some medicine that I had packed, because I always feel sick on any plane or car ride. I took a couple of satchels( I can't take tablets ) and the pain soon floated away. We all settled down in a cave, using some wood and Zayn's cigarette lighter to start a fire. We were okay, I thought to myself, we're going to be okay. 

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