Live while we're young

How can a plane ride to England go so wrong?


3. Airport Shopping

The taxi ride went really quickly, we all just giggled and chatted, and discussed exactly what we are going to buy at the airport. I wanted some new sunglasses, I had meant to get some while I was at home, but forgot to. When we arrived at the airport, we all put some money and went quarters on the taxi fare. We had parked right by the entrance, so we grabbed our suitcases and pulled them all inside. We stood in the que for about 10 minutes, before finally being free of our suitcases. With only our backpacks, we hit the shops.

I giggled as Katie tried on a pair of sunglasses that were squares instead of round. She did a funny dance, and ended up knocking over a display. She stood there awkwardly while the shop owner looked at her in a way that said 'pick them up or you're paying for them all'. Maisie and Romany had went to stand in the que for Nando's. This is my favourite airport, for the fact that it has the biggest food court ever, and has a nando's! And amazing shops. It's a huge airport, and the plane rides are slightly more expensive, just because of the airport. But it's still my favourite.

I bent down to help Katie pick up the sunglasses. I lifted my head up, and found myself staring into sky-blue eyes.

'Hello' The mysterious eyes said, with an irish accent.

'Er, hi?' I said back.

I stepped away, and zoomed out of the eyes. A boy was stood there. A cute boy was stood there. A REALLY cute boy was stood there. I blushed, but tried to remain cool, and give a small smile.

'I'm Niall!' 

'I'm Abi' I replied

I bent down again to pick up more sunglasses, and Niall started to help me.

'Who's your friend?' He said, looking over at Katie

'She's called Katie, she's mental!' I grinned.

She waved at him, but left me too it. I owe her one.

'So where you going?' Niall asked me.

'To England, I'm going to Cambridge University to study with my 3 best friends' I replied.

'Oh really, it sounds fun! I'm actually going back to England, I normally live in Ireland, but I moved to England.' 

'What plane ride are you getting? Not the 10:30 one?!' I asked.

'Yes! Wow this is so cool.' Niall cried.

I grinned, and looked back over at Katie, who had finished picking up the sunglasses.

'I better get going, my other friends are waiting in the que for nando's' I said to Niall.

'Oh, okay, do you like Nando's? Niall asked.

'IT'S ONLY LIKE MY FAVOURITE RESTAURANT EVER!' I yelled. A couple of people stared at me. 

'Can I marry you?' Niall laughed at me.

I giggled and said,

'I'm guessing that you like it too?'

'IT'S AMAZING!' Niall yelled. His irish accent was so cute.




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