This is a story I wrote at school the teacher said it was phenomenal so i'm going to see if you guys think the same!! It is about 14 year old Kirsty who has nightmares, but not the normal ones you would usually have...


2. Prolouge/Chapter 1

It all started four nights ago, seeing the shape every night made me shudder...

I wish it would leave me alone.


Four Nights Earlier...

"Goodnight mom!" I shouted, though being careful not to be loud enough to wake the neighbours. I flopped onto my bed and my eyelids started getting heavier, heavier until I drifted off into a deep sleep...

I fluttered my eyes open and it was completley black in my room. I tried to sit up but I couldn't move, my head and neck were the only parts of my body I could move.

"Hello. Soo nice to meet you." Said a man's voice, saying it slowly ,in a deep voice.

I couldn't see him, but his voice sounded near. Then I felt hot breath on my ear.

"Such a pretty face, shame I have to ruin it" That voice sounded familiar, like someone I knew a while back. I saw a flash of silver and felt a sharp pain in my right thigh...


I woke up kicking and sweating in my bed, my mom ran in with a baseball bat and a massive first aid kit. She was mad like that. But I loved her to bits.

"WHAT'S HAPPENED HERE!!!!!!!!" She screamed at me.

"Nothing mom, i'm fine! See?" I said wiggling abnout in my bed to show her I was alright.


I looked down and my mouth dropped to the floor. My leg was bleeding where that sharp pain was in my dream!!! I started to breath faster and faster, then the world went black.

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