This is a story I wrote at school the teacher said it was phenomenal so i'm going to see if you guys think the same!! It is about 14 year old Kirsty who has nightmares, but not the normal ones you would usually have...


4. Chapter 3

I awoke in that same hospital room exept it was dimmer this time. Someone opened the door and walked in then sat right next to me on the bed. I tried to edge away but that just brought me closer to whoever it was.

" Don't try and get away or I will hurt you." That voice reminded me yet again of some old friend, god I wish I could put my finger on his name!! I couldn't take it anymore so I just asked straight out,

"Who are you?"

His body strarted shaking,

"You don't remember who I am?! You broke my heart!!!"

Then, he lost control, started hitting me , right in the nose. Then, he started shaking my shoulders...


I opened my eyes to my mom's face, she was shaking my shoulders, trying to wake me up. I looked around there were doctors rushing around the room with beeping monitors and clipboards. Why do I keep having these strange dreams??

"Ugghhh. When can I go home?" I said to my mom.

"Later today, after the results have come back."

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