This is a story I wrote at school the teacher said it was phenomenal so i'm going to see if you guys think the same!! It is about 14 year old Kirsty who has nightmares, but not the normal ones you would usually have...


3. Chapter 2

I opened my eyes and yawned. I looked up to see a plain white ceiling, and four worried faces hovering over me. I rubbed my eyes to properly see who they were. There was a bald man with a white coat on, a skinny lady with dreadlocks , another man with greasy black hair that flopped to one side who I recognised as my dad and finally my mom, her red hair constantly being brushed out of her icy blue eyes.

"Where am I? What happened and WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!!!!!!!!" I screameed aiming the last question at the man who was SUPPOSED to be my dad.

"Okay sweetheart, I know we've had our differences in the past but..."


"OKAY YOUNG LADY YOU DO NOT TALK TO ME LIKE THAT!!!" He raised a hand ready to slap me silly , but then two security guards came and escorted him out of the room.

I calmed down and asked my mom,

" Okay, three questions. Where am I? Why am I here? And what happened to the restaining order agianst that, that, THING!!!"

"Right then sweety, hospital, you passed out from blood loss, and he promised not to hurt you."

Then, all the memories came back, the dream, the man, the knife, my thigh, wait my thigh!!

" Is my leg okay!!!"

"It's fine, it's in a cast but if it dosen't get better in two weeks it's gonna have to be amputated."


Then, my mom calmed me down once more and I fell asleep. But if I knew what would happen if I did fall asleep, I would of stayed right awake... 

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