Why So Obsessive?

When Octavia and her sister Melody win tickets to meet One Direction, Octavia has an extremely bad feeling.
Over 1000 screaming fans, a headache to last a lifetime, rubbish music...
But everything changes.
Octavia walks out of the O2 stunned, and changes her mind.
Maybe they are good.
Maybe liking isn't so bad.
Well thats until she meets Louis Tomlinson...


2. Oh Melody...

I leant against the make-up counter, watching Melody search up and down every shelf until finally, after 1 whole hour of searching, came back with a bottle of Taylor Swift Perfume, Ultra-Glam Mascara and a shade of light red lipstick.

"1 hour, and all you come back with is that?" I exclaimed.

She sighed, and flicked her hair.

"This is like totes important, Occy. If you don't have anything thats not sarcasm, please, speak now" she sighed.

I rolled my eyes, and pretended not to hear her.

Instead, I wondered outside the shop, and into HMV just oppisite.

"No, Octavia, were going shoe shopping next!" Melody whined, stomping her foot.

I growled, but kept it as quiet as I could.

"Fine. But your getting me a new CD!"

I trailed after her,as she led the way through a maze of shops, until finally, she waltzed into New Look.

"Ah, perfect!"

She picked up a shoe her size, pale yellow jewels encrusted all over.

"Have you seen the price?"

Melody's smile faded.

"I have..."

She paused and searched through her purse.

Her face turned from normal, to a sob in a matter of seconds.

"I have enough to buy the shoes, but not any jewellery!" she complained.

I bit my lip, and slid an arm around her.

Even if she was the complete oppisite, she was still my sister, and when ever she was sad, I felt it too.

Then I perked up.

"How about I take you to the charity shop just arournd the corner from school!"


"Ah ah ah! The stuff there is pretty good. I considered buying something for you, but then I was dragged on a bus here, so I just gave up. There is pretty nice stuff, trust me".

She half sighed, half smiled.

"Okay, uh, why not?"

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