Why So Obsessive?

When Octavia and her sister Melody win tickets to meet One Direction, Octavia has an extremely bad feeling.
Over 1000 screaming fans, a headache to last a lifetime, rubbish music...
But everything changes.
Octavia walks out of the O2 stunned, and changes her mind.
Maybe they are good.
Maybe liking isn't so bad.
Well thats until she meets Louis Tomlinson...


8. It's Just For The Night.

I laid on the bed that I had for the night.

Louis and Niall had paid for us to stay in the room just oppisite them.

It was okay, I guessed, as Melody was trailing back and forth between our rooms.

"Melody, please can you turn the light out, this time. Some of us want a fresh and early start!" I complained.

She half sighed/half growled.

She switched the light off, and shut the door.

I snuggeled down in my bed, and tried to fall asleep.


A few hours later, I felt someone tugging at me.

I tried to shake them off with my eyes shut, but they tugged harder.

"Occy!Ocyy!You'll never believe this! Come on, open those damn eyes!"

They snapped open, and I felt myself want to punch her.

"Your giving me that feeling again!" I spoke sleepily.

"Just listen! Anyway, we were playing truth or dare, and Harry dared Niall to kiss me! And he did!"

I sat bolt up-right.

"Woah, really?"

"Yeah, come on, you have to join us!"

I climbed out of my bed, and padded across the room.

I switched the light off and walked across the hallway, even in my pajama's and cow slippers.

I knocked on their door, and they yelled a 'yes'.

Melody was now by my-side, and we both entered.

We all sat in a circle, and finally, it was Liam's turn to dare Louis.

"Hmm, this is gonna be tricky. No kissing, no screaming, no running in and out of the corridor naked..."

Harry leant over and whispered something too him.

His smile widened.

"Ha, ha! Louis, I dare you to tell Octavia you love her, then give her a big hug!"

Louis laughed gingerly, and looked over at me.


I blushed a little, but smiled all the same.

He slid next to me, and winked.



"I love you".

Then he reached out, and gave me a hug.



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