Why So Obsessive?

When Octavia and her sister Melody win tickets to meet One Direction, Octavia has an extremely bad feeling.
Over 1000 screaming fans, a headache to last a lifetime, rubbish music...
But everything changes.
Octavia walks out of the O2 stunned, and changes her mind.
Maybe they are good.
Maybe liking isn't so bad.
Well thats until she meets Louis Tomlinson...


1. It's Just a Ticket.

Watching my twin sister, Melody, opening the envelope made me cringe.

Any moment now, she was going to scream the whole flat down, and I was going to be dying just because she was excited to watch One Direction live.

I mean, would you wanna die in an unfortunate way like that?

I could see her mouth open wide, and I covered my ears with two cushions.

I could hear a little squeal over the top of the cushions, and I knew the neighbours would be over in a matter of minutes.

Finally, her mouth shut.

I let the cushions drop to my side, and sighed.

"Was that really necissary?" I asked, in my most mature voice.

She gave me a death-look, but the smile on her face hid it immediatly.

"Yes, yes, yes , yes, yes!!!" she screamed.

She slid the tickets back into the envelope, and rushed off to mum's bedroom.

Ever since dad died, nothing had been the same.

I would sit on the sofa waiting for him to come home, but by the end of the day, he wouldn't.

I would sit curled up, waiting and waiting for the front door to open, this big friendly figure standing in the doorway, expecting a hug.

But he wouldn't come.

I was alone.

We had to move away from London, we had to get as far away as we possibly could.

We got to Manchester, where we are now, in this shabby Flat with nothing but noisy neighbours and un-friendly faces to meet us on the way down to get to school.

It had been 3 weeks exactly.

3 weeks that dad had been gone.

3 weeks before we eventualy gave Melody the tickets.

3 weeks since her first smile.

I felt tears roll down my cheeks, but Melody bounced back in the room holding mum's hand, so I quickly wiped away the tears, and stood up to join them.

"Mum said we can go together, Octtiv!"

Oh great.

4 and a half hours of queing.

3 and a half hours of rubbish music.

4 hours there and back.

I sighed again, but mum gave me the evil's too.

"Respect your sister a bit more, Ocatavia. You should learn to like the things she likes. Maybe that will stop all your biccering!"

Mum had been so snappy lately.

 She found out dad wasn't rich, and that instead he only had £8000 to give us.

Yeah, sounds alot, but, in a year, all that would have gone towards the rent, the heating, the lighting, food and school trips.

Take 100 away from 8000 every month...

Yeah, not alot.

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