Why So Obsessive?

When Octavia and her sister Melody win tickets to meet One Direction, Octavia has an extremely bad feeling.
Over 1000 screaming fans, a headache to last a lifetime, rubbish music...
But everything changes.
Octavia walks out of the O2 stunned, and changes her mind.
Maybe they are good.
Maybe liking isn't so bad.
Well thats until she meets Louis Tomlinson...


11. For me?

I checked my phone for the last time before I set off for class.

A New Message! icon popped up, and I punched the air.

It was finally from Louis!

I read :

Hey babe!

Don't wrry, Ill brek the news 2 Octavia.

Then we can b 2gether, alrite?


My heart sunk to extreme lengths.

He was gonna break up with me?

Who was he talking too?

Then it struck me like lightning.

He was cheating on me.

He was seeing someone else!

"Eff him, then!" I told myself.

I burst out of the cubicle, and stormed out of the toilets.

He told me he loved me, properly!

Then he sends a text saying he'll break up with me?

My heart was beating so fast, I nearly fainted.

Well, I guessed I did.

The last thing I saw was the balcony in the science block.


Someone was leaning over me, holding a flannel to me head.

I pushed them away, and sat up.

The receptionist frowned at me, and held the flannel to their side.

"You alright, Oc?" Hayley asked.

She was holding my hand.

"Uhh, what happened?"

"You passed out. Luckily, I saw the whole thing. You were real angry, and then you fell" she spoke, laughing a little.

I nudged her.

Another figure stood near me, and I recognised him immediatly.

"You! Your cheating! You cheater!" I cried.

He stepped forward, his head down.

"What's he doing here?" I growled.

Hayley surrendered.

"You told me he kissed you. In Love. You know? So I thought if he really cared, he'd...-"

"Yeah, okay, kinda weak and not understanding anything your saying, here!"

"Alright, alright. You speak to her, Louis".

She stood in the corner, her arms folding, her leg propped up against the wall.

He knelt beside me.

"I'm sorry Octavia. It was the heat of the moment. I really liked you. I just forgot to tell you...-"

"You were already in a relationship" I finshed off.

He nodded slowly.

I stood up and watched him for a moment.

Then I spun round, and walked off into nothingness.

The End.

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