Why So Obsessive?

When Octavia and her sister Melody win tickets to meet One Direction, Octavia has an extremely bad feeling.
Over 1000 screaming fans, a headache to last a lifetime, rubbish music...
But everything changes.
Octavia walks out of the O2 stunned, and changes her mind.
Maybe they are good.
Maybe liking isn't so bad.
Well thats until she meets Louis Tomlinson...


6. After time.

I waited behind the arena.

Melody was taking ages to go to the toilet, and I was getting frustrated.

I kicked a pebble, and it rolled out onto the road just behind.

I touched the arena one last time.

I felt kinda sad to leave.

I felt kinda guilty telling my sister they were rubbish, and had no talent.

They were actually quite good.

I paced a couple more times, and watched a limo drive out in front of me.

I couldn't help but stare.

The the window reeled down, and Melody stuck her head out the window.

"Come on, Occy! Get in! The boys want to take us out for a bit! I've already told mum, come on, come on!"

Her screaming was like nothing I'd ever heard.

I actually wanted to join her.

I ran up to it as quickly as I could -I did have heels!-, and Melody opened the door for me. I climbed in, and shut it after me.

I gasped.

It was pretty huge for a Limo.

There were lights flashing from the ceiling, and the floor was a sparkly red. There was a cabnet, see through, with glasses and Fanta piled up inside.

When I looked up, Louis was already looking at me.

I blushed, and sat down beside Melody.

"So, where are we going?" I asked aloud.

"Were gonna show you our Hotel. It's Ledge" Niall replied, knocking Harry of his seat.

He growled, but his smile was too large.

I leant on Melody, and she put her arm round me.

"Don't worry, Oc. We can visit dad in the morning" she whispered into my ear.

I murmed an "Okay" and shut my eyes.


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