The Fourth Quarter Quell

It's been twenty years since the Capitol had been reinstated, combining forces with District 13 to completely destroy the survivors of the Mockingjay rebellion, once again taking control of Panem. But the rebels hadn't made it easy for the Capitol; expecting defeat, they deleted all citizen records from the database. It took nineteen years, but they managed to once again recollect the data from the citizens.

And by popular request, the Hunger Games have been reinstated; guaranteed to be more brutal than ever. And starting with the fourth Quarter Quell means that they will be more over the top than ever before. And this year's twist: To show that you can never be prepared for an uprising, the tributes were selected in advanced without their knowledge, taken in their sleep, and woke up in a Capitol bedroom. And this time, the Careers aren't the only bloodthirsty ones, so watch as friendships are made and betrayed, kids turn to killers, and most hauntingly of all, a ruthless monster...


12. Twelfth Scenario- Play With Fire, You Get Burned


Alanna Pyre:   Alanna slowly drifted back into consciousness. Her eyes opened, and she sat up, a searing pain shooting through her arm. The flesh was slightly singed, and pink. The squirrel had done more damage than she had hoped for. At least it wasn't her throwing arm. She pulled out one of the chickens, and ate half of it, filling her shrunken stomach. She then necked half of one of the two bottles of water, and stood up.   The anthem began to play once more, and Alanna stepped outside of the building she was resting in, to see the seal appearing in the early morning sunlight. Throughout the arena, she could see clouds of smoke soaring high above in the sky.   "Good morning tributes!" The head Gamemaker's voice boomed throughout the arena yet again. Alanna prepared for the news; if any.   "You all fought brilliantly against yesterday's Muttations, but one of you perished." Alanna didn't care about that right now, all she wanted to know was if there were any more dangers to watch out for.   "The unfortunate tribute that met his demise was young Tavish." She guessed that the kid wouldn't last long on his own. "Who after fighting a long, hard battle, was devoured by the Mutts as he slept. His body has been transferred to his district, so we don't have to worry about another zombie added to the playing field for now." Of course they wouldn't add any more zombies; there were only three of them left.   "But that isn't all tributes, as we've now released a very special Muttation into the arena, a personal favourite of mine; the fire ghoul!" Brilliant, Alanna thought sourly, another charming Mutt for her to try and kill. "A creature made purely of fire, it can change its form at will. Be warned, though, that it has destructive capabilities that surpass the squirrels'. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour." The anthem blared out once more, and silence descended on the arena.   Three left. That was it. A one in three chance of going home. Alanna couldn't stop the wide grin that leapt onto her face as the reality set in. She would probably go home, but then she thought of her competition. There was the girl from 8, that brutally tore April apart. Alanna knew nothing of this girl, except that she was obviously a skilled killer. The poisoned darts would be the best bet. And then there was the boy from 5. She had seen how he operated, and after yesterday, he somehow managed to get a hold of a crossbow. He was smart, deadly, and confident. But perhaps too confident. When they fought the super Mutt, it was as if he was expecting her to die. So he was caught by surprise when she lived. The best way to deal with him would be to shoot several poisoned darts at him, and outlive him the best she could.   Suddenly, a loud explosion sounded out from behind her, and Alanna turned to see that the building she was in had burst into flames. She saw something dancing almost whimsically in the flames, and the shape leapt out from the inferno, taking the form of a small elf like creature. It smiled mischievously, its dark orange eyes fixated on Alanna. She took a dart, and fired it at the creature, but it passed right through, the dart burning up. Of course, it was made entirely of fire- darts wouldn't work. She would have to kill it like she would extinguishing a fire; cut off its oxygen supply.   Alanna ran down the grey road, through the lining of palm trees that obscured the sunlight. The fire creature changed form, becoming an arrow, and shot after her. But the trees stopped it momentarily. They were so clean, so pure. So flammable. Hungrily, the creature once again became a formless blaze, darting along the tree tops, devouring the fresh green leaves. It fired a ball of flames at Alanna, barely missing her as it became a burning mockingjay, flying after her.    Alanna reached a massive crater in the road, where the Super Mutt for her allies had exploded, a massive puddle of acid filling it to the brim. She skidded to a halt, a plan forming in her mind. She opened her bag, and pulled out one of the two bottles of water; the half empty one. The Mutt flew above her head, sending flames spiralling downwards towards her. It caught the end of her hair, and it burned it to half the length. She'd have time to worry about her appearance when she got home, not now. She opened the bottle, and squeezed on it, a thin jet of water hitting the beast. It let out an unearthly moan as the liquid touched it. The water seemed to be like corrosive acid to it, so what would happen if it fell into the actual acid.    Using the water, Alanna guided the creature downwards towards the surface of the acid. Using the last of the bottle's water, she poured it all onto the creature at once, and it fell into the acid, a small cloud of smoke floating out.   Alanna sat down, panting. That Mutt was hard to beat. Good thing she didn't get caught in any of the fire. She looked around to see several fires burning uncontrollably around the arena, a thick cloud of smoke slowly forming in the sky. The mall area was now nearly burnt to a crisp, save for one or two buildings, and the street she was on. She pulled out the second bottle, and gulped a couple of mouthfuls down, dehydrated from the Mutt. She put the water back, and looked at the world's reflection in the green puddle of acid, shapes slowly swaying as the slight breeze disturbed the acid. A shape in the reflection moved, and a low, unearthly growl sounded out.    Alanna whipped her head around to see a figure ambling towards her, clutching a staff, its head caked in dry blood. It was the undead remains of the girl from 10. Alanna stood up, and loaded her blowgun. She was aware of how deadly this girl was. She had devoured her own ally, for cying out loud. If Alanna missed her shot here... the consequences would be unbearable. The zombie rushed her, and jabbed into Alanna's thigh with her staff. Blood instantly began to flow, and the undead tribute eagerly lapped the blood off the staff, curling her tongue around the shaft expertly. Alanna realised that the zombie was showing an opening. She pulled her knife out, and went to strike, but the zombie was quicker, jabbing her burned arm with the staff, reopening an old wound. Once again, she licked the red fluid off the staff, but Alanna was ready this time. She sprinted forward with all the strength she could muster, and brought her knife down on the rotting tongue just as it began to retreat into its owner's mouth, slicing it clean off, the limb falling to the floor. In response, the girl bit down on Alanna's forearm, penetrating right to the bone. Alanna kicked the zombie's leg, causing her to faulter slightly, and freed her arm from the zombie's grasp. A lot of blood was flowing, but that was to be concerned about once she had evaded this monster's grasp.   Alanna put her blowgun away; it wasn't going to be useful against this creature, and ducked down as the undead tribute lunged at her. But the zombie aimed a kick at Alanna's stomach, hitting with such force that Alanna instantly vomited up the contents of her stomach all over her assailant's leg. She jumped up, and backed away as the staff flew towards her once more, striking her shoulder, and she darted out of the staff's grasp before blood was drawn once more. Adrenaline pumped through her veins as she desperately searched for some way out. There was no way that she could take this girl on in straight up combat, and she couldn't hide up a ferris wheel like the last time she encountered a zombie. Alanna ran further down the street as the zombie rapidly advanced, moving away from the crater that was caused by the super Mutt's acid explosion.   Wait a minute, the acid! Even if she was undead, there was no way that the girl from 10 would be able to survive falling into a pool of acid. Alanna dropped to the floor, and clutched her knife as the zombie towered over her, and lowered the staff into Alanna's shoulder, to finish the job it had started. Alanna took a sharp breath as the skin was punctured, and swung her knife at the girl's hand, applying as much pressure as she could muster. Whether it was due to the zombie's state of decomposition, or whether it was just plain luck, the red haired tribute's fingers were cut off, the staff dropping. Alanna clutched the staff, pulling it out of her wound, and rolled out of the way as the zombie went in to munch on her jugular. Alanna rapidly scrambled to her feet, and sprinted towards the crater, the undead Emily rapidly following her. Alanna screamed in agony as Emily sunk her teeth into her back, and kicked Emily's leg in an attempt to get her off. She did, and Alanna ran faster, beginning to feel faint from her energy depleting, eventually getting as close to the crater as possible. She hit the floor, rolling too fast for her liking, and stopped just before falling into the deadly substance. She held the staff out, tripping Emily, causing her to fall into the acid, taking the staff with her. The undead tribute sank like a rock, but the staff stayed afloat for just a moment, before dissolving into nothingness. There was no earthly way that Emily would be able to get her now.   Alanna's body was wracked with sudden intense agony as the adrenaline wore off. Her leg was in agony, her arm was throbbing, her puncture wounds were stinging, and her back was bleeding profusely. Alanna quickly pulled her jacket off, and used her knife to tear it into several strips. She wrapped the first around her arm, ignoring the burn as best she could, the next around her leg, and the final ones around her torso. She stood up, her body protesting, and hobbled down the street, turned the corner, and walked through a thin lining of trees before she found a small orange ferris wheel. She climbed in, and pressed a button inside the cart, the machine moving slowly upwards, taking her skyward. It stopped when it reached its pinnacle, and Alanna surveyed the arena from above.  The mall area, the stables, and the south eastern part of the arena were all burning to the ground, but the fires appeared to be dying out. She looked down at the puddle where Emily had perished, and noticed the boy from 5 aiming his crossbow at the pool. She watched in horror as the zombie emerged from the acid, and stumbled towards him. He fired, and she fell to the floor. He then used his club to completely bash her skull in. Alanna sank to the bottom of the cart, grateful that she had escaped with her life.   Her injuries began to throb, and she suddenly remembered the healing berries. She grabbed all of them, and shoved the sweet berries into her mouth, the juice bursting with flavour. Her pain instantly began to die down, and she drank a little more water, before laying back, drifting off to sleep, hoping that she would wake to see tomorrow.   Markus Lucian:   Markus opened his eyes as the voice of the head Gamemaker acted as his alarm for the umpteenth time this week. "...a personal favourite of mine; the fire ghoul!" Markus widened his eyes in surprise. That did not sound good at all, "A creature made purely of fire, it can change its form at will. Be warned, though, that it has destructive capabilities that surpass the squirrels'. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour." The melodic notes of the anthem played out, and all went silent once more. Markus stood up, and his leg began to sting with pain. It was the same one that the rat had bitten. Just wonderful, the easiest to kill of the Mutts had screwed him over the worst. He rolled up his pants, and unwrapped the blood stained makeshift bandage. The wound had begun to heal, but the flesh surrounding it was discoloured. "Damn it, infection." Markus cursed as he stared at the green skin. It looked like a disease he had once heard of back home; gangrene. He had at most four days before his leg would have to be amputated. "Hope I'll have won the Games by then." He said to himself as he stood on the leg, the intense agony dulling to a strange, cold ache. He pulled out his water, taking a few more sips, and pulled a leg off his chicken, eating it as he opened the hatch in the floor that lead to the rest of the building.     Markus crept out of the attic of the entertainment centre, searching cautiously for any more rodents. But it appeared they had all vanished in the night, much to his relief. He finished off the leg of chicken he was holding, and tossed the bone away, and held his club close. He swung open the doors, and stood outside, looking around for today's danger. The announcement had said it was a Muttation made of fire, so his conventional weapons wouldn't work against it. He walked over to the edge of the drained lake, and to his surprise, found it had been saturated, small puddles forming here and there. It wasn't drinking water, but it could definitely be used to fight the Mutt.   He looked back at the massive building, and watched as it burst into flames, a serpent slithering out of the smoking doors, its red eyes glaring at Markus. "Speak of the devil..." He muttered, and readied himself to take on the newest challenge. The Mutt charged at him, and Markus leapt out of the way as it took to the sky as it made contact with the moist ground. It changed its form to that of a large bird, its red eyes still the same size, still glaring at him. It swooped down, searing his back, but not landing on the wet floor, instead flying back up as it changed to a large tracker jacker. Markus noted that its beady red eyes never changed shape or size at all. That had to mean something.    It dive bombed him, and Markus ran from the Muttation, towards the small town area. He stopped for a moment, to catch his breath, and watched as several houses erupted in flames, the Mutt jumping from roof to roof, burning the place down, releasing a massive cloud of smoke floating upwards. It hopped onto the floor, and changed form to that of a large dog. It charged at him, sinking its fangs into his arm, burning it severely.  "Screw you!" He yelled at the creature as it let go of him. He pulled out his club, and swung it hard at the creature, making contact with the eyes. One of them cracked, and the Mutt evaporated, the other eye falling to the floor, a red hot coal. His arm and back burned badly, and he looked at his arm. The flesh was pink and raw, blisters forming. "Damn it." He groaned as he staggered away from the burning village, stopping under a shining dome. His body hurt like hell; if another tribute came by, he'd be done for. Shakily, he pulled out his water, and poured a drop onto his arm. The cool liquid sizzled and steamed as it made contact with the roasted flesh. The burn was too severe for water to work.   Suddenly, a soft beeping sound caught his attention, and Markus watched as a silver parachute floated gently into his lap. About freaking time someone sponsored him. He unwrapped the gift, and found a small vial of medicine, labeled 'Burn heal. Cures all burns. One use'. He opened the vial, and consumed the liquid, his arm and back instantly cooling down. "Thank god for that." He opened the next gift, an aerosol can with the label 'Mutt Away. Lasts twelve hours. One use'. He put that in his bag; the spray would come in handy during close range combat to blind his opponent. He drank some more, and got up, throwing the parachute into the fire, disposing any evidence he was there.   He continued through the burned down mall area, many of the tents now reduced to smoldering wreckages, except for one street, oddly. He passed a large crater filled with a bubbling green liquid; the acid from the super Mutt. Suddenly, a hand shot out, and a groaning figure emerged; Emily. "Damn, Redhead," Markus said as he prepared his crossbow, "I should have blasted your brains in when I had the chance." She threw herself at him, and he fired, knocking her back into a nearby building. He then pulled out his club, and walked over to the slowly rising zombie. He raised his club, and swung it down hard on her skull, making a visible dent. He swung again, and broke the skull. Emily fell down, blood and brain oozing from her skull. The rotting tribute was finally dead for real. Markus pulled the bolt out of her chest, and walked away, leaving the festering corpse to rot.    He opened the door to the nearest building, and entered, closing it as the sun began to set. One door was closed ominously. He opened it, and a red fluid flowed towards him, ankle deep in blood. Markus entered the disgusting smelling room, and found a body floating on the surface. It was one of the clown Mutts, with one eyeball deflated, flies crowding around the monster, feeding on the carcass. Markus backed out, and shut the door, moving upstairs, leaving a trail of bloody footprints on the lush carpet. He reached the top, and entered a small room. He looked out of the window as the sun began to vanish behind the horizon, and ate the second leg of his chicken and drank some more, drifting off to sleep.
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