The Fourth Quarter Quell

It's been twenty years since the Capitol had been reinstated, combining forces with District 13 to completely destroy the survivors of the Mockingjay rebellion, once again taking control of Panem. But the rebels hadn't made it easy for the Capitol; expecting defeat, they deleted all citizen records from the database. It took nineteen years, but they managed to once again recollect the data from the citizens.

And by popular request, the Hunger Games have been reinstated; guaranteed to be more brutal than ever. And starting with the fourth Quarter Quell means that they will be more over the top than ever before. And this year's twist: To show that you can never be prepared for an uprising, the tributes were selected in advanced without their knowledge, taken in their sleep, and woke up in a Capitol bedroom. And this time, the Careers aren't the only bloodthirsty ones, so watch as friendships are made and betrayed, kids turn to killers, and most hauntingly of all, a ruthless monster...


10. Tenth Scenario- Assigned Killing


Alanna Pyre:   Alanna opened her eyes. She had fallen asleep on the doorstep after seeing the fallen for last night. First up was Caleb, which had caught her by surprise slightly, but she bottled the emotions up. At the end of the day, he was just another obstacle in her way of getting home. Next up was Caera, and that had been the last straw. Aluma and April had broken down, and hid away inside the building, leaving Alanna to see the final death; the girl from 10. One of the Cold Killers. Unfortunately, it hadn't been the psychotic boy from 5,  and he was the biggest threat to her right now.   Alanna walked into the small room, and found April and Aluma eating the roast turkey from yesterday. "Morning," Aluma smiled warmly, her face tear stained, "We saved some for you." April passed Alanna a handful of meat, and she sunk her teeth into it, savouring the rich flavour. Once all three had filled their stomachs, April spoke. "So, what're we doing today?" Both Alanna and Aluma stared at her, confused, "I mean, now that there are fewer of us, why not try eliminate the competition a little?" "What?!" Aluma exclaimed, "April, what's wrong with you?!" Tears began to form in her eyes, "We all promised when we met up for the first time that we'd only kill for self defense!" April just looked at Aluma darkly, before picking up her bag. "Well, I think we should, so I'm going out to find some weaker players to kill, so that I can win." "Hold up." Alanna stated, "Players? So this is suddenly a game to you? That way of thinking will only get you killed faster!" April just blanked Alanna, and ran out of the door, leaving Alanna and Aluma alone, with only their supplies, and half a roast turkey.   "She's really gone," Aluma wept, "The alliance is disbanding." "It was bound to happen eventually." Alanna said, taking the turkey and putting it in her bag whilst Aluma was wracked by sobs. "Hey, at least we're not the only alliance that has fallen apart. The Cold Killers have lost a member too." "Yeah," Aluma said weakly, "You're right."   Suddenly, the blare of trumpets made both girls rush outside to hear today's announcement. "Good morning tributes!" The head Gamemaker cried out exuburantly, "That was a lovely show yesterday and we are proud to see that something actually happened after going so long with no deaths! And as you have probably guessed, a happy Gamemaker means happy an extent." He laughed slightly, and Alanna and Aluma faced one another. "What's wrong with him?" Alanna cried out, "Enjoying himself so much with this. When I get out of the arena, I'll personally make sure that next year he tones it down. It's really getting on my nerves."   They both paid attention as the head Gamemaker spoke once more. "Also,  I have some news! I have been keeping a slight secret from you all since we started the Games. Because this is the one hundredth games I wanted to spice up the Games this year and I had something special put into your tracking chips!" Both girls looked at each other, unsure what to make of the situation. Probably gonna tell us that they're gonna explode if we don't do some dangerous task or something, Alanna thought bitterly as the head Gamemaker carried on with his speech.   "I had decided long before the Games started to have the tracking chips installed with software that could force you as tributes to do one thing all at once. I originally didnt know what I was going to do with it or even use it at all, but i have come up with an idea:    Today, you will be fighting against another tribute against your will." Alanna's face contorted to become one of shock. This was certainly unexpected, but she should have realised something along those lines was bound to happen eventually. But fighting against her will? The thought had never occured to her before. She could see that Aluma was also having a hard time digesting this information as well.   "You can still see, hear, taste, feel, and move on your own BUT! And this is a big but, you will face the tribute you are assigned. It is either you face them, or you die. It's as simple as that and seeing as all of you want to go home, you should have seen this coming one time or another." Aluma still had a face of pure shock, but Alanna found herself nodding along with every word. It was true, she was planning on killing eventually, she had just avoided it to reserve her strength, and it had worked. Whilst Aluma was staring dumbstruck at the floating seal, Alanna furtively consumed half of her healing berries.   "I have a few simple ground rules first though: there will be no killing your selves. If you try this, you will not succeed and we will make sure you stay alive...if your competitor hasn't killed you already. We understand this might be a bit heart breaking for some of you, but this is the Hunger Games, and only one of you can survive, so i hope you will have as much fun as I will." Aluma looked dead at Alanna, teary. "Alanna, what if we have to fight an ally?" Alanna listened intently to her ally's concerns. "Since I don't think I could kill any of you guys." "Neither do I," Alanna lied, "Neither do I, Aluma."   "And now for the matchups!   The first matchup is Gryffon vs Zombie Emily. Now I know this may sound confusing, but you ex-ally should have gone to the trouble of ensuring that her body was thoroughly destroyed. And don't worry, she won't be like those Muttations from earlier, she will still behave exactly like her old self, to an extent.   Next up is Tavish vs Nova. How tragic! The two of you had just become on friendly terms with one another as well. Oh well, now we'll find out which of you is truly worthy of going home!   Then it's Markus vs Zayn. The clash of the big boys! But after the impressive way Markus has handled himself over the past week, I'd be careful if I were you, Zayn." "Wait a minute..." Aluma looked harshly at Alanna, "There are only two more matchups left! What if we're..." "Don't say that," Alanna snapped, "I'm sure we won't."   "Next up is Sarah vs April! This one will be an interesting fight, since neither girl has really shown what they can do yet; a fight that will be one to watch on the recap several times!"   "No..." Aluma began to shake. "It can't be... They wouldn't!" Another sobbing fit overcame her as Alanna listened to the final matchup be called out, dipping all her darts in the poison, covering them in a slick coating of the venom.   "And last but not least," Alanna put the nearly empty tub of poison back into her bag, and loaded the blowgun, aiming at her ally's head,   "Aluma vs. Allana."   Alanna fired her dart, but Aluma ducked down, dodging. "Alanna!" She cried out, "What are you doing?!" "Sorry," Alanna's features darkened, the positive, friendly, charismatic little girl facade fading away, revealing her true self: A deceptive, manipulative killer, "But only one can live, and it'll be me." She fired another dart, the one that she had forgot to coat in poison, and it hit Aluma right on the thigh. "Ow!" She yelped as she pulled out a several throwing knives. Alanna ran back as they flew from Aluma's hand, most of them missing. But the last one grazed her cheek, leaving a neat gash. "You shouldn't have done that..." Alanna picked up the three throwing knives that now lay at her feet, and tossed them at Aluma. But Aluma anticipated it, and leapt to the floor, Alanna missing her target.   "We were friends, Alanna. We trusted one another!" Aluma desperately cried out as she pulled out her larger knife, and ran towards Alanna, pinning the smaller girl under her. "I thought that you cared..." She drew the knife, and lowered it hesitantly towards Alanna's neck. But her slight hesitation was enough time for Alanna to deliver a punch to Aluma's nose, blood gushing out. Alanna rolled out of Aluma's grasp, and leapt to her feet. She aimed her blowgun, and was about to fire, when a sharp pain rushed throughout her forearm. She looked as the throwing knife fell to the floor, a small shallow cut releasing a red shining sliver of a stream of blood from the incision. She looked back up to Aluma, who was advancing towards her. She threw herself at Alanna, but Alanna ran out of the way, Aluma crashing to the ground, screaming.   Alanna turned and ran, glancing back to see Aluma's knives flying towards her. She looked back, and found Aluma picking up the knives that had missed their target. She looked ahead, and just barely avoided running into a golden pole. She looked up, and saw that she was under a golden slope of sorts. Quickly, she jumped into the bushes that were growing there, hiding herself, training her blowgun at Aluma. "Alanna, where did you go? We don't have to fight; they're making us!" Alanna aimed at Aluma's temple from her bush. "Please, I don't want to hurt you." She dropped a throwing knife to the floor, and Alanna fired the toxic dart. But Aluma saw it coming, and turned around, the dart sticking harmlessly in her bag. Alanna leapt out of the bush as another throwing knife flew towards her, and continued running southwards, Aluma following, crying at the thought of having to kill her ally.   Alanna stopped to catch her breath as she reached the glass doors of a large building. She shoved the doors open, cracking the glass, and ran through the large empty room, nimbly avoiding the overturned furniture. She reached a window at the end of the room, and kicked it with all her force, but it didn't budge. "Double glazed..." Alanna said sharply as she turned around, and walked back through the room, failing to notice another presence.   Aluma leapt out from under an overturned sofa, slicing Alanna's thigh with her knife. Alanna let out a cry of pain, and Aluma's eyes instantly widened. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! How deep is it?" Aluma continued to apologise as Alanna grabbed her throat, the two of them falling to the floor, Aluma gasping for breath. But Alanna wasn't heavy enough, and Aluma threw the twelve year old off her with ease. Alanna crashed into a pile of cushions, and jumped back up, and fired another dart. It missed, and Alanna ran to the wall, and flipped the light switch, plunging everything into near total darkness. "Try and hit me now, Aluma." Alanna said darkly as she edged along the wall. "Where are you? I can't see anything! Turn the lights on!" Alanna found the door, and swung it open, and ran outside. But she had managed to find the back exit, and found herself cornered. Behind her and to her left was the building, to her right was the shimmering forcefield, and straight ahead was a lining of trees. Ahead it was then. Alanna darted forward, and climbed into the trees, crawling along the branches until she reached the other end.    She was in an oasis of sorts; surrounded by thick, lush and vibrant greenery, with a pool in the centre, topped up with water. Wait a moment. The water was drained a couple of days ago; something wasn't adding up. Alanna picked a pinecone from a tree, and threw it into the 'water'. It fell right to the floor, no splash. Curiously, Alanna placed a hand into the pool. It was a hologram, the water wasn't really there. She could use this as a trap. Alanna walked around the edge of the pool, and climbed into a thick tree, completely concealed by the leaves, and waited. She began to think about home. How once she won, she'd be able to get her parents into rehabilitation with their morphling addiction. And Zach; she'd be able to see her two year old brother once more. They'd never have to worry about starving again, or illness, or anything. She sighed in content as she lost herself to the fantasy, drifting off for a moment.   BOOM   The sudden sound of the cannon caused Alanna to jerk awake, falling out of her tree, landing on her feet. Someone had just died. Hopefully it was Aluma. No, it couldn't have been. Each tribute can only kill their selected matchup today. Alanna took a mouthful of her water, and a leg of the turkey, and sat under a tree. The sound of rustling hit her ears, and Alanna leapt up as a figure emerged from the foliage, sobbing. Aluma. "I'm so sorry. I don't want to do this." She whimpered as she threw a knife, striking the tree just above Alanna. Alanna ran into the open, and fired her blowgun, the poisoned dart hitting Aluma's leg. Aluma fell to the floor with the pain, but forced herself up.   "So it's come to this, huh," She let out a low chuckle, "You know, I always pictured my life or death battle in the arena to be with either a Career or a Muttation," She paused, shuddering, "Not some little girl that managed to successfully deceive us all." Alanna readied another dart, and Aluma sprinted at full pace, punching Alanna in the stomach, knocking the air out of her. Alanna wheezed loudly as Aluma began to draw the crimson stained blade across her cheek. Alanna breathed through the pain. Wait. Breathed! She drew in all her breath, and spat in Aluma's eyes, temporarily blinding the crazed girl. Alanna grabbed the fallen knife, and cut the straps on Aluma's backpack, the bag falling to the floor. Whilst Aluma tried to regain her vision, Alanna shot another dart, striking the girl's chest.    Aluma fell back with the force of the shot, into the pool. She opened her eyes as she saw the blue liquid surface ready to greet her. Her features relaxed slightly, assuming that she was going to land with a splash. How wrong she was.    Alanna heard the sharp squeal, then a thud, and saw Aluma crumpled in a heap at the bottom of the four metre deep pool, her arm twisted in an impossible angle. Alanna grabbed one of the stray throwing knives, and threw it into the pool, impaling Aluma's throat. Blood poured from her mouth and her body went into spasms as the poison overtook her system. Finally, her eyes glossed over, and the cannon sounded, and Alanna picked up the bag, and retreated into the treeline, leaving the corpse of the girl from District 9 at the bottom of the once pure white pool, floating in a puddle of her own blood.   Alanna climbed a tree, and stayed at the top branch, and watched as the hovercraft picked up the mangled remains of Aluma. Alanna showed no emotion as her former ally vanished from the world forever, all she saw was one less player for her to compete against in this game. One step closer to winning.     Markus Lucian:   Markus stalked the massive drained lake, searching for his opponent. He was assigned the task of killing the boy from 8, a fairly easy task, if he knew where the hell he was hiding. Markus hated that. Tributes that hid instead of accepting their fate. It only unnecessarily wasted precious energy and time. He spotted movement from the other side of the drained body of water, and crept around slowly, loading his crossbow.   "Sarah, where are you going?!" Markus moved behind a tree, leaving their potential range of vision. He watched as the smaller of the two figures, female from the looks of it, ran towards the mall area. "Sorry Zayn, but I have to do this!" Zayn. Markus flashed back to that morning's announcement. "Then it's Markus vs Zayn. The clash of the big boys!" The only clue was that this Zayn character was large. But he must have had some sort of skill, otherwise he'd be dead already. Markus walked out of the cover of the tree, towards the unsuspecting tribute, and began to laugh. At least he wasn't Score 3; he had to fight a zombified Rehead. Markus covered his mouth to stop the sound of his laughter giving away his position to his still oblivious opponent.   He froze as the boy from 8 suddenly moved- away from him. He climbed the massive golden slope, and grabbed something from up there. Markus quickly ran in closer to see what this boy was going to use against him. Suddenly, the boy jumped off the top of the platform, and slid down the slope, landing safely at the bottom, and charged at Markus with a trident. Markus simply stepped out of the way, and grinned widely. This was going to be fun. "Stay still," The boy huffed, "I won't let you live!" "And why's that?" Markus sidestepped another charge from the boy.  "You've already killed too many people... I won't let you kill my Sarah!" Suddenly filled with determination, the boy ran at full speed towards Markus, who simply walked out of the way. Because of the momentum, the trident stuck itself in the ground, and the boy face planted into the ground. "Oh, I didn't know!" Markus pressed his hands to his face in false surprise, "If I'd have known you were trying to play the big strong knight in shining armour for your little girlfriend, I would have left you alone! After all," He paused, watching as the blood boiled under the other boy's face, "What would happen if your little Sarah had no Zayney Wayney to protect her?" "Shut up!" The boy was close to combusting with the pent up fury. Markus continued to smile widely as he toyed with his prey. "Oh, that's right. She'd be dead." "No! Sarah is a strong, independant young woman, and I will defend her until my dying breath!" "Calm yourself now, we don't want you getting your panties in a bunch now do we?" Markus chuckled, "Or maybe they're actually Sarah's, wrapped around your-" "Don't you dare mouth off Sarah!" The boy feebly punched Markus in the gut, doing nothing to the psychopath. "Oh, wow," Markus beamed once more, "You're actually more fun than Redhead was. Too bad I had to blast her brains out once she became no fun." Markus pouted, and lifted his crossbow. "And to be honest, you're boring me quite quickly."    Seeing the weapon being aimed at him, the other boy's eyes grew wide, and he fled, his flimsy trident in one hand. "Where you going?" Markus called after him. "To try and protect little Sarah from big bad Markus?" He pursued his prey, crossbow ready to kill. "Don't make me laugh!" "You," The boy stopped suddenly, and posed his trident, lining it up with Markus' heart. One throw would kill him. "You sick, twisted monster. I will end you!" He launched the trident, and it flew towards Markus, prepared to take his life. At the last moment, Markus dropped to the floor, feigning injury.   "Damn you!" He cried out, pretenting to groan and roll around in pain. After a few seconds of moaning, Markus went still. "I-I did it! Sarah, you're safe once more." A small grin slyly slid onto Markus' mouth. A low chuckle escaped his lips. "Nice try," His eyes shot open, and he aimed his crossbow at the boy's heart. He leapt up, and pressed the trigger. "But game's over." The bolt released, hitting the boy's chest, sending him flying into a nearby tent. The cannon fired, and Markus retrieved the precious ammunition. He reloaded his crossbow, and returned to the golden slope. He sat on top, and watched as two more fighting tributes passed below him.   "Alanna, where did you go? We don't have to fight; they're making us!" He watched curiously as the two girls threw knives and darts at one another, eventually running for the building labeled Florida Centre, according to his map. He stood up, and saw the young girl from 6 push the other girl into a pool, but she sank like a rock. A few moments later, he saw the girl from 6 throw a knife, and the cannon sounded. This was interesting. A passive weakling that was actually a murderer in disguise. If she had been like this from the start, then she might have had a place in the Cold Killers, and may have wiped out more enemies. But she chose the passive route, and remained dormant. Until now. Markus made a mental note to himself that if he ever was to attack this girl, that he should be on extremely high alert.   BOOM   Another cannon sounded, meaning another tribute lost their fight. Markus sat down, holding his crossbow close, and pulled out a roast turkey, eating the legs. He took a couple of sips of the water, and put his meal back, and closed his eyes, ready for the next day.
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