The Fourth Quarter Quell

It's been twenty years since the Capitol had been reinstated, combining forces with District 13 to completely destroy the survivors of the Mockingjay rebellion, once again taking control of Panem. But the rebels hadn't made it easy for the Capitol; expecting defeat, they deleted all citizen records from the database. It took nineteen years, but they managed to once again recollect the data from the citizens.

And by popular request, the Hunger Games have been reinstated; guaranteed to be more brutal than ever. And starting with the fourth Quarter Quell means that they will be more over the top than ever before. And this year's twist: To show that you can never be prepared for an uprising, the tributes were selected in advanced without their knowledge, taken in their sleep, and woke up in a Capitol bedroom. And this time, the Careers aren't the only bloodthirsty ones, so watch as friendships are made and betrayed, kids turn to killers, and most hauntingly of all, a ruthless monster...


6. Sixth Scenario- Clowns


Alanna Pyre:   Alanna opened her eyes as the early morning sun disturbed her. She rubbed her eyes, as Caleb stirred beside her. They were still in the silver cart that they climbed into yesterday to escape the vomiting Muttations. They had both escaped unharmed, if only a little shaken up. Alanna looked over the edge of the cart, and saw that the arena w\as empty; the Mutts had completely vanished overnight.   Suddenly, a loud groan emitted from the wheel as the cart began to move downwards. Alanna gulped, the Mutts had better be gone. The cart continued moving downwards, stopping with a click as it reached the bottom, shuddering. Caleb opened his eyes, and stared blankly at Alanna. "Good morning." Alanna said dryly. Caleb said nothing, standing up. Alanna opened the cart, and stepped out, helping Caleb out as well. As soon as they were both out, a twang of pain coursed throughout Alanna's stomach; hunger. Her tongue was also beginning to dry up as well. She probably wouldn't last the rest of the day without getting something into her system. Judging by the vacant look in Caleb's eyes, he was also having problems functioning.   They walked down the street, and came upon a beige dome shaped building. Alanna walked up to it, her head beginning to ache from dehydration, and the doors slid open automatically. She stepped in, and found several padded chairs, a velvet carpet, and at the far end of the room, a sink, with water flowing into it. Water! She ran across the room, up to the sink, and stuck her canteen under it until it overflowed. She greedily gulped it down, then refilled it again. "Caleb! We've got water!" Alanna cried out, almost laughing with joy. Upon the mention of these words, Caleb sprang to life, pulling out his bone dry canteen and filling it up, drinking so much that twice more he had to refill it. "This is great Alanna! Now all we need is food." "Yeah, that would be great..." Alanna said ruefully, her groaning stomach not satisfied by the water.   "Hehehe..." A surreal giggling sound caused all thoughts of hunger to immediately leave Alanna's mind. "Caleb," She whispered, pulling out her blowgun, loading it with the poisoned dart, "Get your knife." "Alanna, what is-" "Just get your knife. I think we've got company." As soon as the words left her mouth, a red balloon floated into the room, shaped like a person. Upon closer inspection, it seemed to resemble Alanna, complete with the blowgun. She backed into a corner as the floating rubber shape advanced towards her. "Hehehe..." The giggling again, this time higher pitched. The balloon floated onto Alanna's head, touching her face. "Get it off me! Someone! Anyone! Help!" Alanna screamed louder and louder, tears beginning to flow down her pale cheeks. She was shaking as the balloon hovered innocently around her face. Seeing Alanna in this much distress, Caleb sprang into action, throwing his knife at the balloon. It burst, showering the both of them in a red sticky liquid.  "Alanna, this isn't," Caleb began, retrieving his knife. "No, It's fake." Alanna replied shakily, getting to her feet, clutching her blowgun for dear life.   "Hehehe..." The giggling rang out again, seemingly coming from nowhere. The pair stood closer, both quivering as the laughing grew louder. Alanna turned around, and saw the water turn a blood red. She screamed, and backed off, nearly tripping Caleb up. "Alanna, what is it?" Alanna stared at him, wide eyed, about to say something, when the sound of shattering glass caught their attention. The window had been destroyed by something. Caleb stood forward, and walked over to the window, surveying the damage. "It seems as if it was attacked by a sharp object multiple times, before finally cracking under the pressure." He bent down, picking up a bloodstained shard of glass. He let out a sharp gasp, and threw it to the floor, too distracted to avoid the monster throwing itself at him.   Alanna stood there, paralysed with fear as the monster crushed her district partner. It was about seven feet tall, with artificially white skin, and hair dyed various colours of the rainbow. It looked like a Capitol citizen had been thrown on top of Caleb, and given razor sharp claws and a rusty knife. Caleb squirmed as he tried to escape the grasp of the monster, but was overpowered. It let out another nightmarish giggle as it drew its knife, the point slowly descending to Caleb's throat. He was going to die. Alanna's district partner was going to die. She shut her eyes, and willed it to be quick.   "Alanna, help! Please!" Her eyes flew open as her gaze met Caleb's, his face tearstained as the tip hovered mere inches from his jugular. "Please." He repeated, his voice deflated. Anger suddenly welled up inside Alanna. How dare the Capitol try and kill him like this. She pulled out her poison, and dipped two more darts in it, tightly screwing the lid shut, loaded her blowgun, and fired. The tip of the dart struck the clown right in the eye, and it fell backwards, its eyes glossed over. Dead.   Alanna pulled Caleb up, getting him as far away from it as possible. She then swallowed the rising bile in her stomach, and walked over to the dead Mutt. It looked like the spitting image of her stylist, complete with the feline eyes and forked tongue. She pulled the dart out of the eye, and blood squirted out, the eyeball deflating. She gagged as the stench hit her nose, and lost all the water that had just reached her stomach, backing off quickly. "Caleb, let's get out of here." They both ran out of the building, leaving the corpse of the Mutt to be soaked by the now overflowing sink, its face still etched into a smile.   They both ran down the street, not looking back, not wanting to think of the unholy scene that had played out back there. Alanna wanted to be as far away from those monsters as possible. They both stopped to catch their breath, Alanna's lungs burning and her stomach groaning. Exhaustion was battling adrenaline for dominance as Alanna took in her surroundings. They were just next to the blue ground of the tented area, with no more of those monsters in sight, which was good.   "Help!" A familiar voice pierced the palpable atmosphere. Alanna recognised it instantly as a member of her alliance. She turned to Caleb, who nodded at her. They both held their weapons close, and ran towards the source of the sound. They ran through several derelict singed tents, until Alanna saw a sign. 'Mall just ahead!' She looked a little further ahead, and saw two figures back to back, fending off a horde of the clowns. April and Alluma, arrows and knives being thrown into the crowd, the Mutts still pressing towards them. Acting on impulse, Alanna coated all of her darts with small amounts of poison, using half the bottle, and loaded her blowgun. She ran into the crowd of clowns, expertly dodging their deadly claws, and fired, darts flying everywhere. After about a minute, they all dropped dead, and Alluma, April and Caera looked in awe as Alanna retrieved the darts.   "Thanks." April said, lowering her bow. "You just saved us." Alanna offered a shy smile. "Don't mention it." "Care for some food? Apparently I have a very generous sponsor." Both Alanna and Caleb's eyes lit up at the mention of food, and they joined the others as April gave each of them a leg of roast turkey. Alanna heartily munched down, smiling widely. Finally, the alliance had been reunited.     Markus Lucian:   Markus rubbed his eyes open and placed his hands back down on the dew-stained grass. He got to his feet, and saw Gryffon was already up, drinking from the lake water. "Ah, see you're finally up, sleeping beauty." Gryffon turned to face Markus, smirking. He said nothing in reply, just grunted and picked up his club. "You know, a simple 'Good morning' would have sufficed." Markus replied sourly, taking a swig from his canteen, and tore off another strip from his roast bird, chewing on it thoroughly. He cupped some water in his hands, and rinsed his face.    "Howdy boys," Both Markus and Gryffon snapped their heads around to find Emily standing in the treeline, completely covered in blood. She began to step forward, before covering her nose, gagging slightly, "Oh dear god, what the hell is that stench!"    "Well aren't you quiet a sight. The hell happened to you?" Markus replied, looking up and down the injured Emily.   "Answer my question first, THEN I'll answer mine," she raised her brow.   "Pretentious bitch," Gryffon mumbled.   "What was that?" Emily snapped.   "Nothing," he shook his head and pressed his lips in a hard line, obviously keeping himself from laughing at her reaction.   "A giant blob puked close by to me. There were some around. Ended up exploding everywhere whenever it hit something," Markus finally answered after Emily and Gryffon finished bickering at each other.   "Ew . . . that doesn't sound pleasant," Emily looked to Markus in disgust.   "What about you?" Gryffon asked.   "A horde of undead people attacked me in large numbers," she replied. "And what about you Score Three?" she teased.   Gryffon's eyes narrowed and glared at her with a dark look in his eyes. He got the lowest score in that alliance. Surprising too since Careers were always the ones that got higher scores. Guess Gryffon proved not all Careers are great. "An emotional bitch attacked me. Ran around screaming at me before scratching the living hell out of me," he answered and showed Emily his tattered arm.   Emily busted out laughing and Markus joined them. Maniacal laughter, as better described. The whole alliance was together. Now for the real fun to begin.   A rustling sound cut the reunion short, as all three drew their weapons in anticipation of what was there. They quickly ran through the treeline, finding nothing as they approached the golden horn that was the Cornucopia. Emily checked inside the mouth, and Markus and Gryffon checking around the corners. As Markus peered around the corner, a red balloon floated towards him, shaped exactly like him, complete with his weapon. He swung his club, and it exploded, showering him in a layer of fake blood. He barely had time to wipe the red liquid from his eyes before something clawed across his face, drawing blood. He leapt back, and ran towards his allies, only to find them fending off two identical creatures; pasty faced, with rainbow hair. In one hand they held a massive rusty blade, and the other hand ended with deadly sharp claws.   "What the hell's going on!?" Markus yelled out to the other two members of his alliance. "It seems we intruded on the Flickerman family outing." Gryffon replied back, glaring at the monster. Markus turned behind him to find another one of them standing just inches away from him. He lifted his club, and swung it. Right into the creature's chest. Blood gushed out as it snarled, and it leapt towards Markus, trying to pin him to the ground. He leapt back, but wasn't fast enough as the rusted blade dug into his forehead. "Damn it!" He yelled as he kicked the Mutt, knocking it to the floor. He lifted his club once more, and brought it down onto the creature's throat. He kept pressing it down, rotating it rapidly, until the monster's head fell off, floating in a pool of blood. Panting, Markus tore a strip of fabric from the sleeve of his shirt, and wrapped it around his forehead, stifling the blood flow. He then bent down, and picked up the rusty blade, and put it in his bag. At least he got another weapon from this.   He returned to his allies, who had also managed to get the creatures to the floor. "Those things were crazy fast," Gryffon said to Markus, "But surprisingly easy to take out." Emily retrieved her staff from the lifeless corpse of the Mutt that attacked her, and rejoined the boys. They were a little beaten up, yes, but the Cold Killer alliance was finally together. Watch out tributes, Markus thought, because you won't know what hit you.
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