The Fourth Quarter Quell

It's been twenty years since the Capitol had been reinstated, combining forces with District 13 to completely destroy the survivors of the Mockingjay rebellion, once again taking control of Panem. But the rebels hadn't made it easy for the Capitol; expecting defeat, they deleted all citizen records from the database. It took nineteen years, but they managed to once again recollect the data from the citizens.

And by popular request, the Hunger Games have been reinstated; guaranteed to be more brutal than ever. And starting with the fourth Quarter Quell means that they will be more over the top than ever before. And this year's twist: To show that you can never be prepared for an uprising, the tributes were selected in advanced without their knowledge, taken in their sleep, and woke up in a Capitol bedroom. And this time, the Careers aren't the only bloodthirsty ones, so watch as friendships are made and betrayed, kids turn to killers, and most hauntingly of all, a ruthless monster...


9. Ninth Scenario- The Feast II


Alanna Pyre:   Alanna sat just outside of the barn that the alliance had relocated to, counting her remaining darts. Four. "Great..." She murmured. Fighting that abomination had really shortened her supplies. She needed darts, and fast. She stood up, and joined the rest of her alliance as she was handed a scrap of the meat that remained from their food supply. This wasn't going well at all. They were all running low on everything. "Sorry," April said, sounding deflated, "But we're all out of food." "What?" Everyone else but Alanna cried out. She walked out of the barn, and looked hard at the stretch of dirt that lay in front of her. Obscured by the buildings behind her, the empty bloodstained Cornucopia remained standing tall, looking out of place with its surroundings. Alanna paced, trying to figure out how to stay alive.   Meanwhile, in the pristeen control room, the head Gamemaker was discussing with his fellow Gamemaker. "Are you sure sir? Stuff like this usually happens in the final eight. And there are more than eight tributes remaining." "Shut up; I know what I'm doing. Prepare the control, and pass me the microphone." Slightly disgruntled, the lesser ranking Gamemaker obeyed orders, and passed the microphone before slumping back to his seat, pressing a button. The head Gamemaker held the microphone close, and cleared his throat before turning it on.   Alanna was startled by the anthem playing without warning, but she guessed it was becoming a regular thing now. "Good morning tributes!" The head Gamemaker's cheerful voice bounced around the arena, "I hope you're all enjoying yourselves out there." Alanna nearly choked on her breath at that statement. How could anyone be enjoying themselves in a giant deathmatch? Seething with rage, she continued to listen to the rest of the announcement.  "Because of the events that occurred yesterday, we have decided to be gracious Gamemakers," Alanna rolled her eyes at this statement. Because a gracious Gamemaker really set giant super Mutts on the weakened tributes.  "You all have gifts for you at the cornucopia. some of you, they are from sponsors, others, they are gracious gifts from the Capitol themselves. Never the less, each of you will receive something...for a price." Alanna focused in once more on the catch of this reward. Knowing the Gamemakers, they would probably have to kill a giant clown using a feather to rupture its stomach before they can get the gifts. "All gifts are locked in a group of three black crates, and each one has a lock that will only go off if something specific happens. The clue to this event is in this riddle; 'The blood of a Brother will reveal what cannot be seen.'," Alanna tensed up as the words processed in her mind. That riddle could only mean one thing. That before the crates would open, someone would have to die.  "I hope each of you can decipher this code because if not, this will be an interesting day. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour."   "Alanna!" Caleb cried out as the alliance approached Alanna. "The Cornucopia; we have gifts!" "Yeah," Alanna said the words forcefully, "But we'll have to solve some riddle first." She didn't mention that she had found out the answer, since there was a chance that one of her allies would sacrifice themselves, and she didn't want that happening just yet- there were still deadly opponents out there that needed to be taken out, and they wouldn't survive an attack if too many died.   As the golden shine of the Cornucopia became visible, Alanna noticed the three crates. She ran up to them, and noticed that they each had the names of the groups of tributes on them. Alanna focused on the middle crate, and read out the text. "For the Anti-Careers: April Holme, Caleb Hail, Aluma Cooke, Caera, and Alanna Pyre." She turned to face her allies. "Guys, I found our box!"   Without warning, a knife flew past Alanna's head, planting itself in the dry soil. She whipped her head around to see a pair of figures standing there, prepared to kill them. "Alanna!" Aluma snapped suddenly. "You try to open the box, and we'll fend these guys off!" She took off, heading towards the figures. A few seconds later, a cannon sounded out. Alanna tried to open the box, but it wouldn't budge. She then noticed the number on it, 2. Two tributes would have to die in order for the box to open. She fired a dart blindly in the direction of the attackers, and waited a moment, hearing the sound of her allies fight for their lives. Aluma suddenly joined Alanna, and they both sat staring at the box, until the second cannon fired, and the lid swung open.    Inside were five backpacks, with their names on them. "The box is open!" Caera, April and Caleb joined them, each taking their respective bag. Once they had equipped themselves, Aluma motioned east, and they took off, hoping to avoid any more conflict. But they were too slow.    A trident flew seemingly out of nowhere, impaling Caleb. His eyes widened, and he flew back. The cannon fired, and the others stood there in complete shock. "C-Caleb?" Aluma said weakly, before running over to his lifeless body. "Don't," April sobbed, "You heard the cannon. He's gone." "But that still leaves the question of where the trident came from." Alanna stated, looking around. It was obviously thrown by another tribute, but where was the best place to hide?   "We got him, Zayn!" The two tributes from District 8 leapt out from behind one of the crates, and rushed the Anti Careers. The girl brought out a long blade, and sliced Caera's arm, before pulling out the trident from Caleb's body. "Run!" April cried out, and fired an arrow at them before fleeing. Alanna and Aluma followed, whilst Caera reached over to pick up her scythe. Alanna stopped for a moment, and peered through the bushes, to see a red haired tribute rise slowly from behind a crate, coated in blood with a massive head wound. Caera turned around, and saw the undead monster advancing towards her, and ran into the treeline opposite her allies. Alanna turned away, and caught up with April and Aluma as they made their way to the blue floored mall area. A cannon sounded out, and the three of them froze, but continued again shortly after.   They arrived at the mall area, and hid inside one of the remaining buildings. Alanna sat at the door step, and rummaged through her bag, pleased at the contents. A full large bottle of fresh water, a handful of berries, and a small burlap sack, containing four sharp darts. She loaded the darts, and took a swig from her bottle, glad to be hydrated once more.   Markus Lucian:   Emily's groaning woke Markus up. Sighing, he walked over to her, as she rolled about restlessly. Something was eating away at her, internally and externally. After another few minutes of moaning, Markus slapped both her and Gryffon, waking them both up. "Get up, dead weights." "Bite me, psycho," Emily growled and got on her feet, rubbing her eyes. Emily helped Gryffon on his feet too, and the anthem sounded out.   "Good morning tributes!" The head Gamemaker's cheerful voice bounced around the arena, "I hope you're all enjoying yourselves out there." All three resisted the urge to laugh. If there ever was a time for fun, this wasn't it. "Because of the events that occurred yesterday, we have decided to be gracious Gamemakers," Markus raised an eyebrow. Something good, surely.  "You all have gifts for you at the cornucopia. some of you, they are from sponsors, others, they are gracious gifts from the Capitol themselves. Never the less, each of you will receive something...for a price." They all exchanged a determined glance, before quickly making their way to the Cornucopia. Nobody else was there yet. Markus found a black crate, with a note attatched to it. Markus unfolded the paper and read aloud:  "The blood of a Brother will reveal what cannot be seen . . ." Gryffon furrowed his brows. "The hell does that mean?" "I think," Emily started, her face devoid of colour, "I think someone has to die. . ." Markus took in this information, and smiled. Finally, some blood was going to be spilt. "So, who's it gonna be?" He looked over at Emily, who was beginning to shake slightly.   "Kill those annoying Anti-Career girls . . ." she said and dropped her bag. "Promise me, that you will." "Sure..." Gryffon said, somewhat confused. "One of us has to go . . . will you guys do the honor?" she sighed.   "Giving up already, Readhead?" Gryffon raised a brow.   "I'm tired as hell, Score Three . . ." she rolled her eyes. "You guys most likely will need your stuff more than I will," she snapped. "Just fucking kill me and get your damn prizes!"   Markus sighed. "Whatever you say," he rolled his eyes. None of them were ever close to one another. The day that they would have to go against each other was getting closer and they all knew not to be emotionally attached to any of them. They were all naturally detached people to begin with. He grabbed his club, and approached her slowly, unsure if she was serious. As if sensing his thoughts Emily nodded, and shut her eyes, embracing death.   Markus swung his club at her head, blood spilled on their box and threw her off her feet. Her head cracked against the box and dropped dead like a ton of bricks.    BOOM   The cannon echoed throughout the arena. Just one less tribute to fight. They both backed away from her body as the crate opened. Markus lunged in, and grabbed his bag. It was large, and felt heavy. Gryffon picked his up, and the two stared at each other. "Listen, psycho," Gryffon sounded unsure, "I think it's time we split. The numbers are shrinking, and I don't want it to come down to us just sitting until we're the only ones left." "Fine, Score 3. I'll go." Markus said cooly. "But once we meet again, we're enemies. Got it?" Gryffon nodded, and the two went in seperate directions, Markus north, Gryffon south. And just like that, the Cold Killers had disbanded. About time too, Markus thought. Now he could get some killing done.   Finding an empty building, Markus took a moment to look at his gifts. First up was a large bottle full of fresh water. Next up were two roast turkies, but the last thing was what got Markus to smile.   Sitting right there, in the bottom of his bag, was a crossbow, with five arrows. Grinning like a maniac, he picked it up, and loaded it. Watch out tributes, Markus was back in the game.
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