The Fourth Quarter Quell

It's been twenty years since the Capitol had been reinstated, combining forces with District 13 to completely destroy the survivors of the Mockingjay rebellion, once again taking control of Panem. But the rebels hadn't made it easy for the Capitol; expecting defeat, they deleted all citizen records from the database. It took nineteen years, but they managed to once again recollect the data from the citizens.

And by popular request, the Hunger Games have been reinstated; guaranteed to be more brutal than ever. And starting with the fourth Quarter Quell means that they will be more over the top than ever before. And this year's twist: To show that you can never be prepared for an uprising, the tributes were selected in advanced without their knowledge, taken in their sleep, and woke up in a Capitol bedroom. And this time, the Careers aren't the only bloodthirsty ones, so watch as friendships are made and betrayed, kids turn to killers, and most hauntingly of all, a ruthless monster...


14. Fourteenth Scenaro- Endgame


Alanna Pyre:   I'm sorry, Zach.   Hey, someone get the reconstruction gel, pronto!   You see, we have decided to give her, a second chance, if you will.   Damn it, you forgot that the venom would run through her body faster due to her small size!   But that isn't all, tributes! We have another tribute waiting in the wings, prepared to kill. So watch out!   Sir, we've found a way to keep her sentience!   Excellent; we want the audience to know that she was the perfect choice for this.   Okay, Sarah's body is in the hovercraft.   Not now, he's still too close. Let him get the healing potion first. He'll need it.   Ready? Launch in three... Two... One... Now!    The various voices flew through Alanna's memory as the soft shine of the early sunlight came into view. Her now grey eyes fluttered open, the soft breeze rustling the grass below. The voices confused her; they were foreign, but ingrained into her mind. She sat up, her pale arm reflecting the golden sheen of the Cornucopia. Her head felt dulled, and her body was numb. She tried to comprehend the situation, but only one thought entered her mind; a simple question.   Why was she here?   Alanna shakily got to her feet, and looked at herself. Her skin was pure white, and chilling to touch, and her wounds were exposed, but no blood was coming out. Then it hit her. She was dead, but alive. They had made her into a zombie, like the girl from 10 and the boy from 1. An undead monster, designed to thin the numbers. But how many were left? She had leapt from the ferris wheel during the final three; had the final battle not yet occurred? Alanna staggered slightly, leaning on an open black crate for support. It was bloodstained. No, the final battle had definitely occurred.   Suddenly, Alanna slipped off the horn, and fell to the floor. But she felt no pain from the drop. Alanna stood back up, as if she had been on the floor all along. She reached her hand back for her blowgun, and...   Oh, that was right. She had lost it when she decided to end her life. Which meant the remaining tribute had it, along with her food and water. Almost expecting to feel hungry, Alanna was surprised when her stomach did nothing at the thought of food. So she couldn't feel pain at all now. Letting out a confused sigh, Alanna wandered around the bloodstained dirt field, finding several small blades in the dirt. Aluma's throwing knives. Alanna picked them up, and placed them in her belt with surprising speed. A surge of power rushed through her as she touched the cold steel that was now equally as cold as her body temperature. She could use these knives to win. Alanna stopped herself right there. No she couldn't. She was a zombie now; an undead Muttation, and has a Mutt ever won the Hunger Games? She didn't think so. This depressing fact hit Alanna like a ton of bricks, and could feel the tears forming.   But as soon as the emotion came, it vanished. So she was incapable of feeling anything. Alanna was on the verge of finding the puddle of acid to end her non-existance when the deep pounding of the anthem revertabrated throughout the arena.   "Good morning! Now before we go ANY further, I HAVE to congratulate Markus Lucian for making it this far!" So the last tribute was the psycho. Brilliant. "You have proved yourself to be fearless, courageous, strong, and just downright vicious!" Alanna could almost picture the egotistical grin on his face. Oh how she'd like to wipe it right off, along with several layers of flesh. "We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have put on an absolutely FAB-U-LOUS performance! But you're not out of the woods yet; we have one last challenge for you to face!" Alanna's colourless lips formed a smile as she finally realised her purpose. But the smile faded as she reminded herself that she was nothing but a simple Mutt now.   "I'm sure you remember the tribute we mentioned last time, the one in the hovercraft? Well, it's time to reveal their identity! Your final opponent is none other than a zombified Alanna!" So that's where the voices came from. They were busy making her into the fan favourite's final opponent. "She is every bit of Alanna, plus some!" Alanna listened as best she could. This was the perfect time to find out what heinous alterations they had made to her in the past twenty four hours.   "She cannot feel pain at all, and has a deep urge to kill you, with the strength to back the craving." The head Gamemaker rattled on, Alanna's dead face remaining stoic. What did it matter? She was as disposable as Emily and Gryffon had been. "But, here's the catch. If you are overpowered by Alanna, she will be crowned the victor, and the Capitol will restore her to her former self, to the best of their ability." Alanna's eyes widened in shock and joy. They had essentially given her a second chance at victory. And she wasn't going to miss the opportunity.    "I wish the best of luck to you Markus, and to you too Alanna, if you are still aware enough to understand this message, and may the best tribute win. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour." It took all of Alanna's will power to not explode in joy there and then. She was restored to life, and placed back in the arena. Someone, somewhere obviously wanted her to win, and not Markus. Alanna gleefully walked out of the launch zone, with a goal in mind; kill Markus, and get the hell out of there. She became so absorbed in the task at hand that she nearly tripped on the cracked weapon that lay before her. A katana, coated in blood and sticking through a mangled blowgun, both laying near an empty backpack. Acting on a base instinct, Alanna picked up the bag, putting it on, and placed the damaged blowgun in her bag. She then bent down once more, and picked up the katana, taking in the aroma of Markus' blood. It smelled so powerful, it would be wonderful to see him choke in a pool of it.   Katana in hand, Alanna walked through the black trunks that once were known as trees, searching for the last obstacle in this game; the Cold Killer from District Five. She emerged from the blackened greenery near a crater. The scent of Markus' blood was extremely potent here; he had obviously been in this area many times during the course of the Games. But he wasn't there now. Alanna walked past a green oozing puddle, and a distant feeling memory floated to the surface of her brain of the super Mutt, and how she worked with the very boy she was set on killing to defeat it. He had nearly killed her as well, but only failed due to under estimating Alanna's speed. Well, now she was three times as powerful as back then, and he wouldn't know what hit him when she finally found him. After checking the area once more, Alanna left the drained lake, following the scent of Markus' blood east.    Alanna swiftly ran through the various burned up fields, as the overpowering fragrance of blood lead her to a row of buildings. Alanna was so absorbed in finding Markus, that she didn't see the supporting pole for the Ferris wheel, running right into it. Thank goodness she couldn't feel pain right now, else that might have knocked her unconscious. She then expertly ran up the street, to where the smell of blood was strongest. She stopped when she found it; a pool of blood next to a crater full of acid. Alanna's heart sank as she realised that she had honed in on her own blood. She internally chastised herself for making such a stupid mistake, and continued north, noting that she didn't feel fatigued in the slightest.   She wandered through the slightly smoke stained northern section of the arena, the once colourful tents now barely showing anything other than the dull, dark blackness that seemed to consume the life out of everything. Not so different from herself, Alanna thought darkly. She continued past a small Ferris wheel, the very form of the circular fun ride triggering memories of the past. Caleb, and how they both spent the second night cooped up in one. Alanna shook her head, and clutched the katana close; the blade still ice cold. Now wasn't the time to go over events that occurred several days ago.   Alanna looked up at the mid-day sun, that was shining down on the arena, heating everything except for the undead tribute. She didn't even feel the heat touch her body. This continued to serve as a constant reminder that Alanna wasn't alive at all. But that didn't matter; she would kill Markus, and get out of the arena. And with her added strength, this was going to be an extremely easy battle. She grinned, but only for a moment. Her sensitive nose had picked up the scent of Markus' blood, and he was close. Alanna lifted the katana, and ran with inhuman speed past burning buildings and rotting frames, stopping just outside of a circle of houses. Markus was in one of them. She lifted her katana, and stepped towards the first house.    Markus Lucian:   "Damn this Quarter Quell!" Markus cursed as he ate the last of his chicken, "Why couldn't you just have me win yesterday, instead of making me battle with some kid that was infected by Redhead!" The words flew out of his mouth, and dripped onto his club like venom. He was furious. Victory was his, and they had to go and throw in a surprise game changer. "No, calm down. It'll be no different from Redhead." He told himself as he loaded his crossbow. All this kid was was just another Muttation for him to kill. "Yeah, a Mutt that could become a victor instead of me!" Markus furiously necked his water, and stood up, getting off the rich sofa that had been his bed for the previous evening. At least it was a step up from laying under a tree, exposed to the somewhat chilling night air.   Markus' internal fury was cut short by a long, silver blade stabbing through the door of the house he was residing in. The damn kid had found him, and it was barely mid-day at the latest. Markus aimed his crossbow at the door as the blade moved, slicing through the wood like it was nothing. After a vertical gash had appeared in the door, the blade vanished, and a loud kicking sound sounded out. This wasn't good at all. Markus obivously was not dealing with the same girl he had worked with to kill the super Mutt a few days back. No, he was dealing with a monster in a child's body.    Dust and splinters filled the air as the door burst down, and Markus looked in surprise as the petit girl from 6 stood there, deathly pale, her icy blue eyes now grey and cloudy. In her hand she held a long, sharp blade, that Markus instantly recognised as Sarah's katana. The girl locked her eyes on him, and they glazed over, shutting away whatever was in control before, leaving a killing machine in its wake. She ran right at him, and Markus leapt out of the way, but not before she could slice his back. He let out a cry of pain as he faced the girl; her face smiling at the sight of his blood. Markus pulled out his club, and swung at the smaller opponent, hitting her in the torso, sending her flying into the back wall of the house. He grabbed his bag, and ran out. But Alanna didn't stay down. She leapt right back up, not bothered by the attack. She looked out of the window; her prey was getting away.   Markus sprinted down the grey road, sweat streaming down his face, blood pouring from his wound. That girl was crazily strong, and he could only hope that the blow from the club had slowed her down. He glanced behind him, and saw Alanna catching up to him remarkably quickly. Markus hit the floor, and swung at the girl's kneecaps, knocking her to the floor. She remained motionless for a moment, and Markus noticed the lack of blood from the injuries he had dealt. He switched to his crossbow, and aimed at her skull, prepared to take her out in one shot. He fired, and she stuck her hand out, actually catching the bolt in her had. She leapt up, and snapped the last of Markus' ammunition in half, rendering it useless. She pulled out a knife, and stabbed Markus in the leg, slowly slicing the blade downwards, staining the small weapon a deep red. Markus jumped back, and rammed the crossbow into her gut, knocking her over. He abandoned the weapon, and darted towards the burned barn.   Markus rammed open the doors, and slammed them shut once he was safely inside. It was dark inside, faint beams of sunlight shining down from cracks in the roof. Perhaps a tribute had died here. Markus slapped his head as he thought about the dead tributes again. They didn't matter; they were just less skilled players in the game. An intense pain filled Markus' lower back, and he turned as the doors swung open. He quickly retreated into the shadows as the young girl vigilantly searched the derelict building. As long as he remained silent, he would be fine...   But he was horribly wrong. A throwing knife fell from above, grazing Markus' shoulder, and he leapt out from his hiding place to see the undead kid advancing towards him. Markus suddenly realised that for the first time, he was choosing flight over fight. "I don't know what the hell's wrong with me, kid," Markus said to the uncomprehending zombie, "But all I do know is that I'm going to enjoy beating the crap out of you." He tightened his grip around his club, and ran out of the barn, heading towards the Cornucopia; the final battlefield. He dodged the throwing knives as he ran across the field, not daring to look back until he was ready to deliver the finishing blow.   Both tributes approached the burned up treeline, and Markus began step one of his plan. He ran straight through the trees, Alanna keeping up with his movements perfectly. Then he turned right without warning, and Alanna ran right into the tree, but carried on. That was right; she couldn't feel pain. "Damn it!" Markus cried out as he exited the treeline, returning to the bloodstained field that this all started on. Twenty four tributes started out here, and the twenty four tributes' fights would end here. He turned, and swung his club at Alanna, catching her arm, causing the katana to fly out of her grip. She was now disarmed. Alanna shot a hand down, grabbing a knife. She shoved the bladed weapon into Markus' chest as he slammed his club into her leg. She remained where she was, slowly driving the knife in deeper, and Markus rammed harder. Eventually, blood trickled out of the wound, and Alanna stumbled to the floor. "About damn time." Markus scoffed. He brought his club down, the weapon flying rapidly to the girl's bandaged skull. But before he could hit here, an intense pain filled his hand. One of the darts was now sticking out of his palm. Immediately, he pulled it out, and let out a sigh of relief that it wasn't poisoned.   Taking advantage of her foe's distraction, Alanna swung her leg out, tripping the larger boy over. He fell to the floor, and rolled out of the way as Alanna drove a knife down towards him. Markus leapt to his feet, and ran towards the golden horn, trying to formulate some way to kill her. She was obviously better in hand to hand combat, and had crazy fast reflexes. So physical conflict wasn't going to work. But if he could outsmart her...   Markus threw himself at the Cornucopia, climbing the side as Alanna picked up her katana, and ran towards him. She swung at his calf, slicing it as Markus reached the top. This wasn't good; that wound felt far too deep, and he was beginning to tire. But he forced himself to move as the younger tribute reached the top of the golden horn. They both slowly edged towards the top of the mouth; the highest point. Markus looked down. The Cornucopia seemed higher than yesterday, and if he fell off incorrectly, game over. Alanna swung at him, and Markus nimbly footed around the far side. If he could just knock her off, then he would have enough time to get out of there. She rushed him, and Markus swung his club at her chest, the sheer force sending her flying. Right off the edge of the Cornucopia. Markus already knew that this wouldn't kill her, but it would buy him some time. With surprising speed, he followed the downward curve to the lowest point of the Cornucopia, and sprinted away from the field as Alanna stood up once more. "So much for ending it where it started."    Markus wove through the burned tree line, deliberately making confusing and spontaneous direction changes to throw her off. But Alanna simply followed every motion to the letter. He looked back to see one of Alanna's throwing knives flying towards him. He ducked, and the bladed weapon stuck itself in a tree. The zombie tribute stopped following him for a moment to pick up her throwing knife, and Markus took advantage of the situation, shooting through the treeline, continually looking behind him. Unfortunately, because he was so concerned about the undead girl from District 6, he failed to notice the steep drop, and tumbled down the edge of the dried up lake. Markus collapsed in a heap on the floor, and instantly leapt back up, thankful that she hadn't got to him yet. He pulled out the last of his water, and swallowed the cool liquid in one gulp. He looked up, and saw Alanna standing there, next to a trail of a green oozing fluid. The acid. Markus quickly looked around at his surroundings, and began to chuckle at the irony of the situation. This was the place they had briefly worked together to stay alive, and where both of Markus' allies bit the dust. How fitting it would be for the drained lake to be the final stage for this showdown.   Alanna leapt down from the top of the crater, and landed at the bottom perfectly on her feet, her glazed over eyes staring at Markus. Markus pulled out his club, and ran at her as she charged with her katana. Both tributes made contact with one another at exactly the same time, their weapons digging into each other's flesh. Markus stifled a cry of pain as the blade sliced deeply into his shoulder, the blood flowing down his bare arm like a sickening waterfall. His club was embedded deeply in Alanna's torso, but nothing was happening. A wave of excruciating agony pulsated throughout his arm, and he punched the undead tribute right in the pale face, knocking her to the floor. His left arm was now entirely red from the amount of blood that flowed from it, the crimson fluid dripping to the floor. This needed to end pretty fast if he wanted to live.   Alanna leapt back up, and tackled Markus, her surprising amount of power catching the larger tribute off guard. He fell to the floor, his club flying out of his hand. Alanna pulled out her two throwing knives, and sank them into Markus' hands, pinning him to the floor with them. A small amount of blood pooled out of the wounds, and Markus found himself stuck. He was weaponless and completely at this girl's mercy. She lifted her katana, and dragged it down Markus' good arm, splitting the flesh in half, cutting right to the bone. Markus didn't retaliate; he wasn't going to give them the satisfaction. Alanna then struck her weapon down on Markus' kneecap, nearly severing the lower portion of his leg. The pain was agonising, and Markus threw up what little food he had eaten today. The blade left his leg, and Alanna looked at him, her dead eyes draining the life from his own brilliant green ones.   Alanna brought her katana down on Markus' chest, tearing his shirt open, revealing the expanse of flesh that held so many organs. Alanna dragged her katana down the middle of his exposed torso, coating it with a thick layer of blood. She sliced open his abdominal area, and pulled out a long bloody string of flesh. She was holding his intestines in her hands. She pulled harder, causing Markus to black out momentarily. When he regained vision, Alanna had sliced a large chunk of his intestines off, and was wearing it like a scarf. He vomited once more, nearly choking on the bloody bile. Noticing this, Alanna shoved her tiny hand into his mouth, and pulled out his tongue. She sliced it clean off, and shoved it back into his mouth, and pressed his nostrils together, forcing him to swallow. As soon as it happened, Markus nearly vomited again as he realised that he had eaten his own tongue, and didn't resist for long, the slimy piece of flesh shooting out of his mouth onto his chest.   Markus felt extremely light headed; he wouldn't last much longer. Alanna sliced once more, pulling out his stomach, squeezing the fluids out of it onto his chest, burning the skin. Markus' breathing became shallower, and Alanna sliced open his chest, breaking his ribcage as she stabbed one of his lungs. But then she saw the grand prize; the heart. She reached in, and squeezed the major organ with her powerful hand, blood beginning to spurt out. Markus' eyes widened, and Alanna squeezed harder, the organ bursting, before leaping off the dying tribute. She watched with delight as Markus' eyes lost the spark of life, and he fell back, his body growing limp. After a few seconds, blood flowed out of his mouth and nose, coating his face, and Markus Lucian left the realm of the living.   BOOM   Alanna Pyre:   Alanna's vision came back into focus; having no idea how she got here. The last thing she remembered was slamming open a door, seeing Markus, and nothing else. She looked down. Her colourless skin was coated in warm blood. Was it her blood? She suddenly noticed a trail of the red liquid leading to a bloodied hunk of flesh; a person.   Alanna approached the body carefully, and found the head. She wiped the blood from their face, and saw Markus' dead eyes staring at her. Did she do this? Alanna noticed that his chest was sliced open, blood coating his deflated lungs, the body fluid slowly rising as it pulsed out from a burst artery. This was horrifying, and judging from the state of her, she had caused this. It was as if her body went into auto pilot upon seeing the boy from 5.   But her disgusted thoughts soon vanished as another thought hit her. Markus was dead, making her the last tribute standing. She had won! And as if on cue, a loud melodic sound exploded throughout the arena, causing the ground to vibrate with the sheer volume. It was an extremely happy melody, that screamed victory. A crackle of static sounded out, and the exasperated voice of the head Gamemaker cried out.   "Ladies and gentlemen, after a truly unforgettable battle, we are proud to announce the victor of the 100th annual Hunger Games. Congratulations to Alanna Pyre of District Six for winning the fourth Quarter Quell!" A wide grin crossed Alanna's bloody face, and the Gamemaker started speaking again. "So what do you say? Can we get a big round of applause for Alanna here for such a stunning victory?" As soon as the words left his mouth, a loud chorus of screaming and cheering replaced all other sounds. Seemed the Capitol was happy with their new victor.   Amidst the chaos, a single massive hovercraft appeared over the drained lake, a beam of light surrounding Alanna. She began to be pulled upwards, and into the flying vehicle. She reached the top of the beam, and a pair of gloved hands pulled her in. Alanna was met with a crowd of Capitol surgeons, all wearing protective suits. One pulled out a bright vial, and jabbed it into Alanna's hand. A strange warmth flowed through her body as the fluid coursed through her body. It passed through her arm, and the stab wound suddenly erupted in pain. But Alanna smiled; she could feel again. It reached her head, and everything became warm and fuzzy, and Alanna fell into unconsciousness as the medical team brought her into the operating theatre, to restore her to her formal self.   From deep within the medicine induced slumber, a single thought entered Alanna's now clear head; the same powerful thought that kept her going throughout the past two weeks.   I'm going home!
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