The Fourth Quarter Quell

It's been twenty years since the Capitol had been reinstated, combining forces with District 13 to completely destroy the survivors of the Mockingjay rebellion, once again taking control of Panem. But the rebels hadn't made it easy for the Capitol; expecting defeat, they deleted all citizen records from the database. It took nineteen years, but they managed to once again recollect the data from the citizens.

And by popular request, the Hunger Games have been reinstated; guaranteed to be more brutal than ever. And starting with the fourth Quarter Quell means that they will be more over the top than ever before. And this year's twist: To show that you can never be prepared for an uprising, the tributes were selected in advanced without their knowledge, taken in their sleep, and woke up in a Capitol bedroom. And this time, the Careers aren't the only bloodthirsty ones, so watch as friendships are made and betrayed, kids turn to killers, and most hauntingly of all, a ruthless monster...


5. Fifth Scenario- Zombies


Alanna Pyre:   Alanna lazily opened her eyes to see the yellow fabric of the tent roof slightly moving with the subtle breeze. She sat up, and saw Caleb stirring, curled up around his purple backpack. Something seemed off about the bag, though, and Alanna carefully removed it from his grip. She looked over it, trying to find what was odd about it. Then she saw it. A small silver zipper had appeared on the top of the bag, seemingly overnight. She grabbed the green bag that she threw across the room, and found the same zipper on her bag. She unzipped it, and looked inside.   She wasted no time in pouring the contents onto the floor, and took inventory. There was what looked like a lock pick, which could be useful to her, but she felt that it would be more beneficial to Caleb. She set it aside, and grabbed the next item. A length of rope. This was perfect. It was long enough to set a simple snare trap with it, and more than enough to choke somebody. Next up was an empty canteen of water, rendering it useless. Alanna shoved it back in her bag, and took out the last item.   It was a bottle full of a milky white liquid, labelled 'Poison Cure. Ten doses.'. Alanna read the label once more, and placed it back in her bag. That would probably come in handy. She looked back to Caleb, who was just waking up. "Morning Alanna," He said sleepily as he rubbed his eyes, "Hey, what you got there?" "Caleb, the backpacks opened up last night. Don't worry, I didn't check yours, but I do have something that you'll find more useful than I will." Caleb unzipped the purple bag, and took out the first item; a thick insulating blanket. The next item was another empty canteen, and Caleb sighed in frustration. Finally, he pulled out a bottle that was identical to Alanna's, but the liquid was coloured a deep blood red, with the label 'Nightlock Juice'. Alanna read the label again. That would be perfect for her darts, but she'd need to trade something for it. "Hey, Caleb. I have a lockpick that I think you'll be able to use better than me." Caleb's eyes lit up. "What?" "Yep." Alanna grabbed the pick, and showed it to him. "Wow! Um, would it be alright if I did have it? You know, since I managed to pick the locks much faster than you." Caleb began to look through his items, "Anything you want for it?" "Well," Alanna began, "My blowdarts are good and all, but I think that if they did hit someone, it wouldn't do much damage. So I'm wondering if I could have the poison?" Bingo. "Sure." The two exchanged items, and Alanna dipped one of her darts into the poison, coating it, before placing the deadly bottle in her bag.   "So now what do we do, Alan-" A low growl cut off Caleb's sentence. He shot Alanna a puzzled glance, before they heard another growl. "What was that?" Caleb finally said. "I don't know," Alanna replied, "But whatever it is, it isn't good." Alanna quickly got to her feet, and peered out of the safety of her tent. There were several bulbous figures ambling around outside; human shaped. Her heart rate increased. These things weren't tributes. She slipped back inside. "Caleb," Alanna began, wide eyed. "We have to get out of here. Mutts."    Caleb wasted no time in putting his bag on, drawing his knife. Alanna loaded her blowgun with the toxic dart, and they both took a step forward, when massive shadows circled the tent. "They're trying to get in..." Alanna muttered under her breath. She held the blowgun close to her mouth, controlling her breathing.   Suddenly, the wall they were facing began to smoke as a dull liquid fell to the floor. They both leapt back as more of the fluid assaulted the walls and roof, Caleb barely avoiding it as it dripped down. A loud groan rang out, and several massive creatures broke into the tent. They were human shaped, but massively inflated, and their skin was in various stages of decomposition. Alanna resisted the urge to vomit. They began to gargle, and fired more of the liquid from their mouths. Caleb grabbed Alanna, and they leapt out of the tent. Alanna got to her feet, and the both of them ran. Alanna looked around; they were everywhere, burning the tents to the ground, searching for tributes.   "Alanna, what do we do?" Caleb cried out. "I-I don't know Caleb! I haven't had time to think! They just came out of nowhere..." Alanna trailed off, looking around. There had to be somewhere safe, there just had to. She looked, and saw that one of the looming wheels was just a little north of where they currently were. "Caleb. We can get to the wheel, and climb that. They don't seem like they're capable of climbing." Alanna stated as they began to run towards it.  They ran through the melting tents, barely avoiding the vomit on several occasions, until the blue floor finally became dirt once more. Alanna looked up, and saw the massive steel wheel. There were several carts, all connected via metal rods that could easily be climbed. She leapt onto the lowest cart, Caleb following. They both began to climb the carts and rods that made a natural ladder of sorts, until they finally reached the top. Alanna looked down at the arena, and saw that many of those decomposing monsters roamed everywhere. The ground was no longer safe. She could see several tributes running from the muttations, trying to look for safety. She'd have to search for her alliance later on.   Markus Lucian:   Markus stirred awake as the sun's light reflected off the golden Cornucopia, and into his eyes. He looked in front of him. All but one of the crates had vanished. He walked over to it, and opened it.   Inside he found three pitch black rocks, each with sharp ends that made them deadly to touch. They would be perfect for sharpening the edges of his club. He also found a small vial labeled 'Cure All' which would be perfect for healing any injuries he would get in the future. He put that in his grey bag, alongside the medicinal berries that he found in there in the early hours of the morning. Inside the box he also found a perfectly preserved bird that would probably keep for about three days. And neatly curled up in the bottom of the box was a piece of paper. He unrolled it, and studied the images on it. It was a map of the arena. This would come in handy, as he could clearly see where tributes would be most likely to hide; tents, buildings with basements, the massive wheels, he could see all of them.   Suddenly, he heard a noise. A deep, low groaning sound. He grabbed his club, and stepped outside. It was empty, the early morning sun shining down. It was probably just some tribute hiding nearby. He turned to go back into his shelter, when a foul smelling liquid splashed in front of him. He leapt back, and looked at the top of the Cornucopia.   Standing on the mouth of the golden horn was a massive bulbous person, their skin decayed, with a massive protruding stomach. The smell of rotting flesh was so potent, that Markus found that his stomach was doing somersaults. He backed off as the creature leapt off the Cornucopia. It hit the floor, exploding into a mass of bodily fluids. Markus dropped to the ground, avoiding the toxic bile. He ran back into the Cornucopia, and grabbed the items from the box, putting them in his bag. Another massive monster appeared, and Markus grabbed the box, and threw it at it, the creature spewing out more vomit that melted the box into nothing. Markus backed away; this wasn't a fight he was going to win. Clenching his weapon, he turned and ran, headed south. He avoided the spray of several more Muttations, and reached a large gathering of trees. He climbed one, and leapt through the treeline, no more Mutts in sight.   He reached the other end, and hopped off. In front of him was a lake, the soft blue water rippling and reflecting the sun and sky. On the far side of the lake was another person; Gryffon. "Hey," Markus called out to his ally, "You alright?" "Fine," Gryffon replied, "Barely avoided these screaming women though." He jogged around the lake, meeting up with Markus. "Got any food?" "No, I've been running off adrenaline for the past twenty four hours." "Here," Markus pulled out the roast bird, and pulled off the legs, handing one to Gryffon, "Take this." Gryffon greedily snatched it out of Markus' hand, and chewed down on the golden meat. He reached into his bag, and pulled out a canteen of water. "Where'd you get the water?" Markus asked, wrapping the bird up and placing it in his bag. "The lake water's safe to drink." Gryffon motioned to the body of water in front of them. Markus pulled out his canteen, and made his way to the waterline, filling the container with the liquid. He took a sip; it was cold, and refreshing. Markus quickly gulped down the canteen, and refilled it. "Hey, Markus. You seen Emily at all on your travels?"  "No. Haven't seen her since the bloodbath. How's about this; we look for her if we all survive the zombies, although I doubt all three of us will make it." "What's that supposed to mean?" Gryffon raised an eyebrow at Markus. "It means that Redhead may run into some bother finding us." Markus snapped back, taking another sip of his water. He walked to the trees, and sat under the shade of one. He'd indulge his alliance later; for now, he rested.
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