The Fourth Quarter Quell

It's been twenty years since the Capitol had been reinstated, combining forces with District 13 to completely destroy the survivors of the Mockingjay rebellion, once again taking control of Panem. But the rebels hadn't made it easy for the Capitol; expecting defeat, they deleted all citizen records from the database. It took nineteen years, but they managed to once again recollect the data from the citizens.

And by popular request, the Hunger Games have been reinstated; guaranteed to be more brutal than ever. And starting with the fourth Quarter Quell means that they will be more over the top than ever before. And this year's twist: To show that you can never be prepared for an uprising, the tributes were selected in advanced without their knowledge, taken in their sleep, and woke up in a Capitol bedroom. And this time, the Careers aren't the only bloodthirsty ones, so watch as friendships are made and betrayed, kids turn to killers, and most hauntingly of all, a ruthless monster...


8. Eighth Scenario- Super Muttation


Alanna Pyre:   Alanna's eyes shot open as she wiped the dust off of her face. At least the side effects of the poison had gone. She stood up, her body still going strong from the meal she had the previous day. She climbed out of the smashed window, no Mutts in sight. Good. She stretched and yawned, and pulled out her blowdart, with a mission in mind.   Last night, the Capitol seal had shown that nobody had died at the hands of the bulking Mutts, which meant her alliance was still alive and kicking. Which meant that Caleb was still holding on somehow... This thought eased the guilt that was eating up at her.   Suddenly, the fanfare that was the Capitol's anthem started to burst out from its hidden source, and the voice of the head Gamemaker once again bounced around throughout the arena. "Hello tributes. We were very....displeased, to say the least, about how you treated the food we so graciously provided for you yesterday, so today, because of the actions of a select few, you all will be getting punished. the water is still gone and no sponsor gifts will be passed through today, in addition to a very creative way to bring some action into the Games, since you've been slacking in the death department. That is all. Good luck to all of you, and may the odds be ever in your favour..." The anthem blared out at full volume once more, and the arena grew silent once more.    Alanna stood there wearily. Punishment? That was a little on the extreme side, considering that half of the tributes didn't have the energy to attend the feast. And the creative way to spur them into action was giving off bad vibes. Probably yet another Mutt to try and slaughter them. She huffed in frustration, and walked along the wide grey road, leaving the tiny building behind her. Little did she know that by leaving when she did, she just avoided being burned to death by a massive golden hammer.   She continued to follow the road, staying in the shade of the trees for protection from the blistering sun, until she heard a noise. She whipped her head around, surveying the area, but found nothing out of the ordinary. Her mind was just playing tricks on her. Only day five, and you're going crazy, she thought to herself as she saw a small rodent scurry across the road. She instantly identified it as one of the Mutts she looked up in training, their death means that something dangerous would be about to happen. She curiously followed the small creature as it weaved around pebbles and potholes, until it suddenly flew backwards, smoking. Alanna stared at the dead creature. The only thing that would have been able to inflict such damage and so quickly would be the arena forcefield. Was she already so close to the edge? She took a couple of paces back from the location of the forcefield, and darted into the treeline, becoming virtually invisible to any nearby tribute.   Alanna stopped for a moment, catching her breath, and placed her hand on a tree, and felt a carving on it. She took her hand off, and inquisitively looked at it. It was a message, but it didn't make sense.   Turning a blind eye is a sign of weakness.   It was obviously a riddle, but what it was referring to stumped her. "Turning a blind eye is a sign of weakness..." She muttered under her breath, repeating the phrase over and over, trying to understand it. At school, she was always taught that turning a blind eye to a conflict was a sign of moral high ground, but this message was telling her it was a weakness. "Guess it would be." She moaned to herself. This was the Hunger Games, where you needed all of your senses working at full capacity every second of every day. But perhaps the message was referring to danger as well. That thought worried her enough to fully load her blowgun with all the darts she had. If the Gamemakers had gone to this much trouble just to let her know of something, it was going to be bad. She continued forward stepping lightly under the cover of the foliage.   "Hehehe..." Alanna froze. No, it couldn't be. Not again. A shadow moved a little further ahead, and Alanna shot a dart at it, shaking. Something fell to the floor, the thumping sound seeming to cause the ground to shake. She ran to retrieve her dart, and found what she had hit. A mockingjay, laying dead on the floor, a dart in its skull. Alanna pulled it out of the dead bird, and loaded the blowgun again, turning around, and bumped into a pile of flesh. "Hehehe..."   Alanna turned her head upwards, and found herself staring into the one open cat eye of a drooling strongman Mutt. She let out a sharp scream, and ran, the Mutt aiming its hammer right at her. A spiralling trail of red and yellow flames pursued her, setting the green trees alight. Panting, Alanna burst out of the treeline, and saw a deep hole. Probably a drained lake. She looked behind her, and saw the trees burning, clouds of smoke pouring out. Suddenly, sparks of various colours shot into the sky, close to the edge of the treeline on her side. She looked around frantically, searching for somewhere to hide from the Mutt. "Hehehe..." It was close. Bracing herself, Alanna leapt into the drained lake, landing in one piece on the damp dirt floor. She found a small hole in the wall of the crater, and crawled in, not daring to breathe.   "Hehehe..." It was right above her, waiting for her to emerge. Smart as well as deadly. This wasn't good. Alanna felt something drip onto her. It burned her flesh as the toxic liquid rolled off her arm. More drips appeared, and she leapt out just as it collapsed, landing on the dirt with a thud. Seeing its prey, the Mutt jumped down towards her, and shot out its forked tongue, trying to ensnare her. "Leave me alone!" She cried as she shot a dart at the Mutt's hand, attempting to disarm the massive golden hammer that it was lugging about. But the creature remained oblivous to the dart that was sticking into its massive beefy hand. "No," Alanna whimpered, "It's impervious..." Suddenly, the Mutt raised the hammer, and took a swing at her, but Alanna leapt out of the way at the last moment, the hammer just making a dent in the floor instead. She scrambled to her feet, and ran as fast as humanly possible, the Mutt easily keeping up with her.   "Turning a blind eye is a sign of weakness." It cackled as it shot its tongue out, the burning saliva covering Alanna's cheek. It leapt to the side, attempting to pin her down, but Alanna kicked into full gear, outrunning the beast, adrenaline pounding throughout her veins. She looked back to see the monster getting back up, and she ran into a wall. The edge of the crater- climb or die. She stuck a hand into a loose outcropping of rock, pulling herself up, and grabbed onto the rim of the crater, and clambered out, panting. She tried to think of something, but the Mutt's words just echoed in her mind. They had to mean something, but what? She looked down to see the Mutt close to the edge, and desperately stood up, and bolted through another set of trees, unaware that she had just ran into enemy territory, and that the was Mutt right on her tail, setting the hammer's setting to explosive.     Markus Lucian:   Having a pure heart will only mean certain death.    Markus re-read the slip of paper that he had found attached  to the tree he had been sleeping against. It was a riddle, that much he did know, but what it meant was a complete mystery. He looked over to see Emily and Gryffon laying in front of him, groaning. They were dying, from infection and poisoning, by the looks of it. They'd probably be dead within a couple of days if sponsors didn't get them something soon. But they would have to bear with the suffering for this day at least, since their actions at the Cornucopia had suspended all sponsor packages for twenty four hours. On the plus side, it meant other tributes wouldn't be able to get anything either.    Markus stood up, retrieving his club, and noticed that the edges were worn down from over using it. He went into his bag, and pulled out the rock that he had received  from the box, with a tag labelled 'Sharpening Stone- for use on one weapon only.'. He propped the club up against a tree, and got to work sharpening the blunt points. After the stone had nearly been ground up into dust, he poked one of the spiked edges with his finger, instantly drawing blood. Perfect. It was as if the weapon had been restored to its former glory in the space of an hour. He picked it up, and patrolled their makeshift camp, looking for any signs of movement, but found none. Sighing, he wandered into the treeline, bored. His allies were essentially just laying about waiting for the moment death claimed them, and he was beginning to feel hungry. He ignored the growling of his stomach as a piercing scream rang out.   "Someone, please! Help!" Markus prepared his weapon, and returned to his camp in the clearing in the trees as a small figure ran past him, ignoring him completely. It was the twelve year old from District 6. He turned around, prepared to pursue this new prey when an eerie laugh cut him short. "Hehehe..." Markus took a step back as he took in the bulging strongman Mutt that was standing in the middle of the clearing, ignoring his allies for the moment. Upon closer inspection, it was soon made apparent that this wasn't just another strongman; its one good eye was shaped like the clown Mutt's, and a trail of steaming drool was running down its exposed chest, glistening green in the sunlight. "Super Mutt." Markus harshly whispered. He had read about those in training. They rarely appear, but are usually massive Mutts that have the combined features of previously seen Mutts in the arena. The last time one of these monsters had appeared had been thirty four years ago, roaming the underground section of the arena, and had claimed the lives of four tributes; three in the same day. This one here had what appeared to be each Mutt's deadliest feature, and was charging right at him.    Markus turned and ran, abandoning his allies for the moment as the Mutt chased him through the treeline, swinging its hammer, only missing Markus due to the sheer number of trees in close proximity to one another. He finally burst out, and found the girl from 6 staring at him, with a loaded blowgun aimed right at him. "You dare take another step, and you'll be dead before you can say boom." She focused her cold blue eyes right at his face. "Fine kid. Besides, we've got bigger problems right now," He was cut off by a deafening explosion as the trees behind him blew to smithereens, the Mutt standing there, focusing its one good eye on the pair of them, "Like that."   They both ran around the drained lake as the creature pursued them, laughing hysterically. "Turning a blind eye is a sign of weakness, and having a pure heart will only mean certain death." The Mutt cried out as it fired sparks at the two of them, singeing Markus' back. "What do we do?" The girl cried out as she began to lose momentum. "Why should I care about you?" Markus snapped back, "If it weren't for the Mutt, you'd be dead!" Markus leapt out of the way as the Mutt's long, forked tongue wrapped around the girl, lifting her up. She cried out in pain as the saliva dripped onto her flesh, tears flowing down her pale cheeks. But somehow she found the strength to pull her blowgun close to her mouth, and fired a poison coated dart right at the Mutt. It connected with the blind eye, and the Mutt reeled back for a moment, dropping her to the floor. "So that's what it meant." She said as she got up, keeping a close eye on Markus all the while. "What do you mean kid?" "This morning I woke to find a note saying something about turning a blind eye is a sign of weakness, and panicking, I shot the blind eye, hoping it would work." "And it obviously did," Markus lowered his weapon, "Listen kid. I also found one of those notes, and it mentioned something about the heart getting you killed. I think that it means the heart is somewhere we should try to hit." "And?" She looked as the Mutt still remained motionless, shuddering slightly. "I'm saying that I need your help to take it down. You run around it, shooting continually, distracting it, whilst I go in for the kill." "And if we succeed?" "If we succeed," Markus flashed her a deadly smile, "I give you a ten second head start to get the hell outta here." He stuck an open hand out towards her. "Deal?" "Deal." She replied, shaking his hand firmly.    Markus glanced towards the Mutt, and saw claws growing out of its hands, dripping with poison. It then looked right at the two of them, and tossed its hammer, the weapon in question beginning to emit smoke. "It's gonna blow!" Markus yelled as he pulled the girl to the treeline, the hammer exploding a safe distance away from the two of them. They got out, and the Mutt now held a massive rusty blade, prepared to kill.   "Okay kid," Markus looked at her sharply, "Do it now!" She nodded with a look of determination on her face, and sprinted out, firing a barrage of darts at the Mutt, distracting it from him. All going to plan. He quickly ran to the rear end of the Mutt, and stayed behind it as it rotated, attempting to hit the girl. "I'm running low!" He heard her say. He had to act fast. "Just keep it busy for another moment, then get back!" Markus lifted his club, and darted around the monster, and swung at the creature's chest with his newly sharpened club, flesh falling in chucks. "Damn, he's full of fat!" Markus cursed as he hacked away, the Mutt now focused on him, swinging the rusty blade at him, embedding it in his bag. Markus threw his bag off, tossing it into the dried up lake, and kept digging through the many layers of fat, trying to get to the heart. Finally the last layer of flesh was torn off, and Markus found a massive organ behind a ribcage, he went to swing the club once more, but the girl's cries of worry stopped him. "Watch out!" Markus leapt back as the creature swung its claws at him, missing. "Distract it again! I've found the weak spot!" He barked as she ran circles around the Mutt once more, but this time not firing her darts; there were plenty embedded into the Mutt already. Markus swung his club once more, and shattered the ribcage, bones impaling the organ, blood pouring out of it. He ran back as the creature collapsed to its knees, paralysed and gurgling. A soft hissing sound came from the Mutt, and Markus ran to the edge of the pit. "It's gonna explode!"   They both jumped down into the crater as a loud popping sound rang out, green acid raining over the small alcove they were nestled in. They remained motionless for a moment, before Markus got out, and put his bag back on. He climbed back up, and found a pile of flesh and acid where the Mutt had once stood. "Did we get it?" The girl asked cautiously. "Yeah," Markus' face darkened into a twisted grin, "We did."    Without warning, he leapt down into the dried lake once more, and ran for the girl. "What are you..." "I said I'd give you ten seconds exactly to get away, yet you stayed. So it's game over kid." Markus grinned as he swung his club at her, catching her shoulder. "No!" She fired a dart at him, but Markus dodged, and stopped a moment to catch his breath. She took this opportunity to climb out of the pit, and run for her life, vanishing from his sight.   "Damn it..." Markus swore as he made his way back to his allies, to tell them of the interesting events of the day, hoping that they hadn't died yet from their injuries. He was still annoyed that he let the girl get away, but she wouldn't live the next encounter, he was sure of that.   Alanna Pyre:   Alanna collapsed under a tree, her shoulder throbbing, and began to sob hysterically. She had nearly been killed, her arm and face burning from the acid. She heard a noise, and in fear, crawled into a bush, and drifted off to sleep.   She woke later that evening   and climbed out of the bush. It was still fairly bright, so now should be a good time to escape that psycho before he went hunting for her. She left the trees, and found herself on a familiar road. It lead back to the mall area, where her alliance was based. She smiled at the thought, and turned down the road to find April, Aluma and Caera huddled over something. She quickly ran past the piles of flesh and acid that adorned the road, and joined them. "What's happening?" She asked, and all three girls collectively hugged her. "Oh, Alanna! Thank goodness you're alright!" Caera said, nearly in tears that Alanna was alive. "Now, don't get so worked up. You didn't think I would have died, surely?"    Suddenly, she heard a groan, and saw Caleb on the floor, opening his eyes. "Hey Caleb," she smiled warmly, "It's me, Alanna." Caleb's face contorted into a smile before collapsing once more.   --   "What happened?" Aluma asked as she passed Alanna some of the food. "Well, I managed to kill a Mutt with the help of the psycho from 5," Alanna winced slightly as blood stained the makeshift bandage around her shoulder they had made using a couple of strips of fabric from Caleb's blanket. "Even if I barely escaped with my life." She chuckled slightly, before yawning loudly. "You must be exhausted." Aluma said as she laid down. "Yeah, I am." Alanna also crawled onto the floor, laying on her side as to not make the injury worse. She closed her eyes, and soon found herself falling into the welcoming clutches of sleep.
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