Girl Heart Boy - Nachos and Naughty Activity

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1. Nachos and Naughty Activity

So, me and ma girlfriends were going out for Nachos, we all have done, after watching the most soppiest movie ever!!! :) Yeah so on the walk down the high street I see the cutest boy EVER ad so we smile and I suddenly remember it's Joe Narbuck from school. We stop and I walk up to him and say hi, and he just looks at me in that adorable, dazed way of his and says, 'Girl, you a f***in sexy chick,' and so I blush and say that that's very sweet of him and maybe he wanted to join us or nachos. Of course at this point the girls look at me like I've totally lots my conkers  but why would you let an opportunity like that go to waste. Ok ,granted It's not the first time I've completely fallen head over heals for someone, there was that guy in year 10, Barker, who was like super cute, so we went on a date and I still remember he was like, baby I love you and I was like, have you ever considered breath mints, and he left me on the bus on ma own. And then in college  ma first proper boyf was this boy i saw looking at apricots in the fruit isle at the super market and i went up and said, you like apricots ad he said not as much as i like your face bubby. And then we went back to ma flat and he was like baby let me sleep with you tonight, but my mum called and said she needed to stay round 'cos her shower flooded her place so she came round. And lets say the sight of my mother scared him off pretty quickly.

So we continued to walk down the high street, the girls in front, me and J behind. And we started talking, mostly about sad things like grades and the cost of pizza, and then I started thinking that maybe if we started talking about something intellectual like what we were going to order at Nachos......

We got there and all sat at one bar, but me and Joe together, obviously, and the gals sat the other side. 'Two regulars and a super spicy ' Nods all round meant that that was OK. I put in the order and sooner rather than later we were happily munching away. Om-a-nom-a-nom. So a little while later when the nachos were all satisfyingly eaten, Joe told me he wanted a fag so I said I would want to come with him. We went round the back and he lit up, and then he said he wanted to talk me to a special, private place. When I asked where he simply nodded in the direction of the restaurant toilet outhouse.

We started walking and when we reached the block we went in. And yes, we kissed and I got a bit trancey, but I do remember quite specifically I found him unbuttoning my jeans and pressing his body up to me....

We came back to the restaurant and I got  very red as we walked up to the bar. The Gals just looked at us like we were mad. And then Joe left us. And all the girls said to me, like,

'What the hell have you done?'

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