Torn Between Worlds

Jessica is engaged to the one and only Liam Payne. But about two months before the wedding they get into a huge fight. Jessica doesn't know what to do when Harry starts flirting with her. She starts to fall for Harry, though she still deep down loves Liam. Will Jessica rekindle her love with Liam in time for the wedding or will she call of the wedding and leave Liam for Harry?


1. The Fight

"LIAM I SAID I'M SORRY!" I yelled at my fiancé, Liam Payne. Yes, the Liam Payne. We're getting married in 2 months, but there's still lots to organize. We recently got in a hige fight because Liam thought I kissed Niall, but it wasn't my fault, it was a dare. You see we were playing truth or dare. "If your sorry them why did you do it in the first place?!" Liam yelled back. Liam had just recently dragged up this fight again. "For the millionth time it was a dare!" I yelled. "You could've just walked away from the game!" He answered. I swear if he wasn't in One Direction I'd say he was a lawyer. He has an arguement for everything! But two can play that game. "When your playing truth or dare you can't just walk away! Do you want my friends to think i'm a chicken?!" "Whatever Jessica." Said Liam, and walked away. Clearly still upset. That was one thing i hated about Liam. He got extremely jealous. He's been dragging this fight out for a week now. Can't he just let it go? I mean seriously. Liam Payne: the only 19 year old who acts like a 9 year old. The wedding has him really tense lately. That's the only way i can calm him down. Just tell him to picture the wedding. When he's calm, he's the most amazing person. I miss that Liam. The Liam who was always smiling. *ring ring* that's the phone. I look at the number. It's Harry. "LIAM PHONE" i yell out. No answer. I just answer it. "Hello?" "Hey Jessica is Liam there?" "Yeah but he's throwing a tantrum now. We're still fighting" "oh does that mean you guys aren't coming to nandos with us?" "Oh right that's tonight! Umm we'll be there!" "K see you soon." I hung up. "Liam come on we have dinner with the boys let's go!" I yelled. Liam came running down the stairs. "You drive" is all he said. Well with his attitude this is sure to be a delightful dinner.
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