Torn Between Worlds

Jessica is engaged to the one and only Liam Payne. But about two months before the wedding they get into a huge fight. Jessica doesn't know what to do when Harry starts flirting with her. She starts to fall for Harry, though she still deep down loves Liam. Will Jessica rekindle her love with Liam in time for the wedding or will she call of the wedding and leave Liam for Harry?


10. New story coming soon!

So I'm afraid this story in over now! :'( But you know what that means! It's time for me to start a new story! It'll be a lot longer too! Oh and btw, the original story "forever and always" has been discontinued, and will not be continued. My next story will be PG 14 because there will be lots of swearing and maybe some sexual parts. I'm unsure of the title, but it will probably be something like "Broken and Strong" or "Until We Die" or something like that. The title will make sense when you hear the story I promise! So anyway, stay tuned to my account for my next story!
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