Torn Between Worlds

Jessica is engaged to the one and only Liam Payne. But about two months before the wedding they get into a huge fight. Jessica doesn't know what to do when Harry starts flirting with her. She starts to fall for Harry, though she still deep down loves Liam. Will Jessica rekindle her love with Liam in time for the wedding or will she call of the wedding and leave Liam for Harry?


9. It Takes Two

The rest of the night was like a dream. I woke Liam and Harry quickly. Harry drove us to the hospital while Liam tried to calm me down in the backseat. When we finally got into the hospital the whole "giving birth" was a blur. All I really remember is Liam and Harry being impossible sweet while I freaked out. Niall was here soon after. Then came Louis and Eleanor. Finally there was Zayn along with Perrie and the rest of Little Mix! I couldn't believe how many people showed up! We drove the nurses insane. "Too many people!" They kept muttering. Then once I got over the initial shock they had to usher everyone out of the room. But Liam and Harry stayed of course. And then came the baby. Or should I say babies. That's right. Twins. One beautiful girl and one gorgeous boy. They were both adorable and I was overjoyed. Liam and Harry couldn't stop smiling. The doctor cleaned the babies up while we waited. When the children were back I couldn't contain my joy. Everyone took turns carrying the kids. They were impossibly adorable. It felt odd knowing I had children when I'm only 19. Oh well! "What will you name them?" Said Jade (of Little Mix). "I never thought of that!" I said. "What do you guys think?" I said looking at Liam and Harry. "I'm terrible with naming things" said Liam. "I have no idea" said Harry. "Looks like this ones on you then." Said Liam. That would take some thinking. After talking with Liam and Harry we finally agreed on names. "So what did you decide on!" Said Jesy. (Little Mix) "We welcome to the world Andrea Megan Styles-Payne and Tyler Steven Styles-Payne" I said. Liam and Harry smiled. It took a while to agree on their last name. Once me and Liam were married, I would be Jessica Payne. Though their father had a different surname. Because they will have two fathers, they will have two surnames. "That's adorable!" "I love it" "so cute" were comments we got about our children. The next week when we got to take the children home, Liam posted pictures on twitter of course. But there were always people asking "Styles-Payne? Who's the real father?" Which of course led to the long story. And yeah, I got hate for marrying Liam but having sex with Harry, but in the end, what would life be without haters? Me and Liam got married and we were never happier. Someday I know I'll have to explain to the children why they have two faters and one mother. And I'm sure I'll have to explain that what I did with Harry was wrong. But being happily married with two gorgeous children made it all worthwhile. That night after the kids were in bed, I layed down next to Liam. We cuddled up next to each other and I couldn't help but smile. Liam started singing "drop in the ocean" by Ron Pope to me. He knows I love that song. The special thing about that song is that it was our wedding song. I just wished I could freeze in this moment right here, right now forever.

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