Torn Between Worlds

Jessica is engaged to the one and only Liam Payne. But about two months before the wedding they get into a huge fight. Jessica doesn't know what to do when Harry starts flirting with her. She starts to fall for Harry, though she still deep down loves Liam. Will Jessica rekindle her love with Liam in time for the wedding or will she call of the wedding and leave Liam for Harry?


7. It can't be...

I remembered nothing the next morning. I realized I was naked. Suddenly it all came back. The drinking... The bedroom... And Harry... HOLY SHIT HARRY! Omigod! What have I done?! Harry had already gone home. My clothes were sitting next to me. I threw them on without even getting up. Liam would be home soon. It wasn't till I tried to get up that I realized the problem. I screamed in pain. "FUCK!" I yelled out. I can't walk! My lower parts hurt like hell. I finally made my way to my feet. I slowly made my way into the living room. Holy shit. I'm supposed to be on my period. Yet there were no bloodstains anywhere. Shit. Shit. Holy shit. It dawned on me what that meant. I'm pregnant.

I wouldn't believe it. I needed proof. I bought a pregnancy test. But of course my suspicions were correct. I'm pregnant with Harry's baby. And now theres no hiding it from Liam. I'll have to tell him. But I have to tell Harry first. I called him. "Harry? Yeah it's me. Umm... Remember last night?" "Yeah..." "Well umm... There's no easy way to say this but... I'm pregnant." Silence. "Fuck" he said. "Oh shit Liam's home I gotta go!" And I hung up.

"Hey Liam!" I said trying to be chummy. "Hey!" He said. He kissed me lightly. "Umm... I have some really important news and uhh... You might want to sit down." I said. Liam sat down. "There's really no easy way to say this but uhh... I'm pregnant" "YOUR WHAT?!" Liam said jumping up. "BUT WE NEVER..." He suddenly realized what I meant. "Who's the baby with" he said. "I can't tell you! You'll freak out!" "I won't!" "Promise you won't freak out!" Liam looked me in the eyes. "I promise not to freak out" he said. "Before I tell you who I just want to say it's neither of out faults because we were both drunk so I had no idea what I was doing" I said gingerly. "Jessica... Who is it" he said. "It-it's.... It's Harry" Liam jumped up but he didn't freak out. "That's ok. It was an accident." He finally said.

It was awkward. Sitting in the same room with Liam and Harry. We were trying to figure out how this would work. "We'll have to delay the wedding." I said. "What? Why?" Liam said. "Because I'll be pregnant for 9 months and I won't fit in my wedding dress!" I said. "Ok". They said. We discussed plans and such, and then we went to bed. I slept close to Liam tonight, trying to close the gap that was forming between us. He wrapped his arms around me. "I'm sorry" I said. "It's ok! Your still amazing. Never leave me." Liam said. And then we kissed, and it felt amazing.


Hey! What do you think? Sorry if you think this is getting to sexual, I'll try and use less sexualness for the rest of the story. So what do you guys think? Team Liam or Team Harry? And what do you think of Jessica? Is it ok that she slept with Harry? Please give feedback!
~Molly xx
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