Torn Between Worlds

Jessica is engaged to the one and only Liam Payne. But about two months before the wedding they get into a huge fight. Jessica doesn't know what to do when Harry starts flirting with her. She starts to fall for Harry, though she still deep down loves Liam. Will Jessica rekindle her love with Liam in time for the wedding or will she call of the wedding and leave Liam for Harry?


6. Betrayal or confusion?

Harry was fully naked in seconds. I realized he was waiting for me to get naked. Should I? The blinds were closed. There was no way the paparazzi could see us. Liam would never know. The alcohol was messing up my head. I desperately wanted to go have sex with Harry. But some tiny part of my brain was telling me no. Oh well. I took another swig of beer and the tiny no was erased. I ripped my shirt of quickly as Harry undid my bra. I tried to look sexy as I took my pants of but I was wearing really tight skinny jeans so I probably just looked retarded. I finally got them off. Harry threw my underwear into the corner. "Won't need that any time soon" he said with a wink. I just looked at me for a while. Taking it my naked body. Then without warning he pushed us both onto the bed. Pressing our naked bodies together. Mmm he makes me want him. He kissed me fiercely, not waiting before he threw in a tongue. He made his way down to my neck, hitting all my sweet spots. He made his way down to my stomach, playing with my boobs on the way. He suddenly thrusted two fingers in. I let out a little scream. Then without warning he entered me. I screamed loudly now. But the alcohol was wearing off.

Suddenly there was some sense in my brain. I pushed Harry off me. "WHAT ARE WE DOING?!" I yelled at him. "Making memories" he said with a cheeky grin. "But i'm engaged!" I said grabbing my engagement ring. "What would Liam say?!" I had completely betrayed his trust now. Or... Was it just confusion because after all we were drunk
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