More than this

What happens when you fall in love with your best friends Brother? And that Brother happens to be your Brothers best friend?


6. Chapter 6


“So what are we getting?” we were sitting in the car, waiting to decide before driving through the drive-in. “We’ll just order something random” Louis turned the car on and we drove over and ordered. When we stopped in his driveway, he turned the engine off and sighed. “Do you ever get the feeling of being totally alone, even though you’re not?” my eyes landed on his. They weren’t looking at me, but glued to his hands, that were fumbling with the hem of his shirt. Do I ever feel alone? All the time. When Liam is on tour and my parents are away, I’m on my own, I have no one besides Becca here. But that’s just not enough all the time. I chuckled and nodded. “Never.” He looked at me questioning. “You never feel alone?” he reached over holding my hand. “The thing is” I looked down at our hands, him playing around with my fingers. “I always feel alone, when you’re all gone or my parents for that matter. Becs is here, but it’s not the same” I could feel the tears, pricking behind my eyes. I’m usually not a girl that cries, so this is totally new for me, I guess Louis has that effect on me. “I didn’t mean to make you cry love” His thumb dried a tear away; I hadn’t even noticed it till he did that. I forced a smile on and took his hand again. “Tell me what you meant” I knew he could sense that I wasn’t okay, but that I didn’t want to talk about it at the moment. He sighed and bit his lip; it made him look so attractive. “I’m around people 24 hours of the day and I’m entertained and having fun. But in the end I always feel alone, even though I have the best people around me.” He narrowed his eyes, looking as if he was ashamed of his feelings “And I don’t know why” his finger traced a pattern on his leather coated car seats, but the pattern didn't stay, it slowly faded. “It’s okay, you know” His eyes lifted up to my level. He mumbled his question “what?” It was so low. “The way you’re feeling. It’s okay” he closed his eyes, leaning back into the car seat. He sighed and slowly opened his eyes, looking straight ahead. “I guess.” My eyes fell to the leather seat I was sitting on. My fingers ran over the soft fabric, making a pattern as Louis has done earlier. “I like this” his comment made me look up again. “Like what?” a small smile made it to his lips and he gripped my hand. “I like us being together, talking, hanging out” my lips then did the same as Louis, curled into a smile. “Me too” our conversation was interrupted by both of our stomachs growling. We looked at eachtother and laughed. “Better get some food in that scrawny body of yours!” I gasped and slapped his chest as hard as I could. I was thin but definitely not scrawny. “You’re an arse Lou” he smiled but it soon faded, he could see I was offended. “Im sorry Abs. You’re not scrawny, If you’re anything its fit!” I shook my head and smiled. “You’re impossible!” My fingers slowly traced a pattern on the soft leather seat, once again. My eyes fixating on the pattern disappearing as fast as it had been traced. Just like everything else in life. “Let’s go get some food; the others are probably dying of hunger right now.” We got he food and walked up to his front door , opening it. “Get your butt back here!” Harry yelled through the house as we entered. “I’m nowhere near done with you Horan!” We laughed and walked to the kitchen were Becca was located. “How long has this been going on?” I put the McDonalds back on the counter. “For about an hour.” She shrugged and started opening the bag. “You got my favourite. Thanks Abi” I just smiled at her, grateful that she was feeling better. “Oi lads! Foods here!” both of the boys came running to the kitchen, knocking each other over in the process. Niall ended on the floor, because of Harry being a bit stronger and higher than him. “Don’t hurt yourself” Becca laughed as she helped him up. Maybe they had talked it all out? “I’ll try not too” he winked at her and gripped a burger from the bag. Maybe things were getting better between us all.
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