More than this

What happens when you fall in love with your best friends Brother? And that Brother happens to be your Brothers best friend?


5. Chapter 5


I slowly turned around in the bed, hearing some footsteps coming from outside the bedroom. The door opened slowly, letting a streak of light in. And of course it was Harry, and how could I hear that? He yelled “Hazza!” And fell to the ground, probably out cold. Louis moved beside me and mumbled something. “You awake?” he shook his head, not opening his eyes, but moving closer to me. “You’re really silly” I giggled and closed my eyes, the scent of his hair meeting my nose. I smiled and moved closer to him. “I know” The next morning I woke from sun going through the windows, because we hadn’t been smart enough to close the blinds. “I’m in hell” Louis talked while his head was shoved into his pillow. He slowly moved his head to the side, without opening his eyes. “You have to get up at one point” he groaned and moved his head to the position it was previously in. “Shut uuuup..” Someone groaned from the floor beside us. Louis moved to see who it was, and started laughing loudly. “You drunken lad” I looked beside Louis and saw Harry laying on the ground naked, from the night before. “Cover your bum” he slightly smiled and took the blanket hanging from the bed over him. “Now leave me to be” he let his head fall to the floor again. Louis looked at me and then his eyes scanned the room. His eyes landed on the dirty clothes still lying on the floor. He got up and picked it up. “I better wash this, or the stain won’t come off” I nodded and get up as well. He started gathering all of his dirty clothes and slowly opening the door, not wanting to wake Harry. “Can I have my trousers?” He fumbled to get them out of the stack and looked at them; they had a big blue stain. “That’s just great” I sighed and held the trousers out again, towards Louis. “I’ll wash them” he smiled at me and walked towards the laundry room. I walked downstairs to see where Becca and Niall had ended up last night. To my surprise they were laying together on the couch, under a blanket, clearly naked. “Oh my god!” I hurried over to the couch and shook them awake. “If you don’t get dressed now, Louis will kill you both” How would you react, if you found your sister naked with your bandmate? Both their eyes opened fast and they looked at each other. Becca hurried up and quickly got her clothes on. She straightened down her hair and ran to the bathroom. “This shouldn’t have happened.” Niall looked down at the ground, clearly regretting going this far. “You can be depressed, AFTER you get your clothes back on Nialler!” I walked away from him, going the way Becca had left. I heard tussling behind the door, and sniffing. “You okay Becs?” she didn’t answer at first. “Im fine” Whenever she said she was fine, she wasn’t. That’s what I had learned being friends with her as long as I had. “Let me in please” the door slowly unlocked, and a tearstained face was revealed, I quickly embraced her in a tight hug. “It’s going to be okay Becs. Niall’s a good lad.” I heard footsteps coming from the hallway and soon Louis appeared at the door, looking worried. “Whats wrong?” he walked to her hugging her like I had just done. She looked at me, begging me not to tell him anything. “Her ex called her last night” Louis held Becca by her arms and looked at her “I thought you told him not to” Becca looked away not saying anything, letting Louis hug her once again. She pressed her face harder into his chest. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and looked to see Niall walking up. “Let’s go get some food Lou” I gripped his arm as Niall approached us. As we walked down the stairs I heard Niall apologize to her. “What’s going on?” He turned back to them, but I kept pulling him the other way. “Nothing Lou” He nodded and smiled at me. “Let’s go to McDonalds” I took his hand and we walked out together.
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