More than this

What happens when you fall in love with your best friends Brother? And that Brother happens to be your Brothers best friend?


4. Chapter 4


“Hazzaaaa! WOOO!” Louis pounded his fist in the air and we all laughed at him, running around in the livingroom. Harry was dancing around to some rap song, along with Niall who really didn’t have any rhythm when he was drunk. “Niall! Hump it!” he started humping the site of the couch, where Louis and I were seated. Becca nearly fell down her chair from laughing. “You’re going to make me spill my drink Niall” he kept on going, laughing louder and louder. I made sure to hold on to my drink, but Louis didn’t really care, which resulted in his drink landing over both him and me. “Fuck! I’m sorry Abs!” He grasped the nearest thing, which was a pillow, and tried to dry my shirt and pants with it. I just looked down at my chest. “Abs, im really..” he trailed off as I began laughing. “You’re not mad?” he leaned a little away from me and I looked up not being able to hold my laughter. “You’re ruining the pillow!” a smile spread across his lips, we both looked around to see what the others were doing. Becca was asleep, leaning up against Niall, who had his head resting on Beccas. “That was wonderful”. Harry winked at us, from the floor, sitting Indian style. “Come on”   Louis took my hand and led me to his bedroom. “This is really amazing” I looked around his room, taking in the striped walls, blue bedding and the furniture. “Stripes” I laughed and touched the wall beside his closet. “Like my shirt” he pointed to his chest, where the shirt was fitted nicely. “Like all your shirts” at the last word I touched his chest and gripped the shirt, making me move closer to him. I felt his eyes burn the top of my head, as my gaze went down to his bare feet. “Let me see your face love” I felt his warm breath on my neck, as he spoke the words. I didn’t move though, after a couple of seconds I felt his arms move, and a hand go through my hair and under my chin. His soft lips soon met mine, in a short and sweet kiss.   When we parted, a smile was on both of our lips. “I love your smile” him saying that, of course made me smile even more. “Stop that” I giggled and pushed his chest. “Why? You’re beautiful Abs!” I shook my head and moved myself a little away from him. “Why now?” I ran my fingers through my long brown hair, letting out a sigh. “What do you mean? Why not now Abi?” I smiled, biting my lip in the process. “Why do you suddenly start fancying me now? I’ve fancied you since the first time I saw you. And it’s killing me Louis.”   “You can’t know how long I’ve fancied you, until I tell you. So let me enlighten you a bit.” He stepped closer to me, looking me straight in the eye. “Remember the night where all the boys stayed over, at your house?” I slowly nodded, remembering the night clearly. Becca had stayed over as well and we had a girl’s night. “You walked around the house, in your babypink nightshorts, and your striped oversized shirt, with that green facemask” he laughed and took my hand. “That night, I felt something. When I saw you like that, so real and carefree, with 5 boys in the house, it made me think about it all.” I blushed and looked down; I can’t believe he saw me like that. ¨   “You liked me after seeing my like that?” I questioned looking at our intertwined hands. My eyes glanced up at him, and his nodded his head. “You don’t see yourself very clear love” his free hand went over my cheek slowly, leaving a warm feeling behind. “I see myself as I should. I’m confident enough to not let go of who I am” He let go of my hand and opened his dresser, pulling out some stuff. He walked up to me handing me a pink shirt. “Nearly matches your shorts” We both laughed and I sat down on his bed, my hands feeling the soft fabric of his bedding. I looked up at him. “Thank you.”
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