More than this

What happens when you fall in love with your best friends Brother? And that Brother happens to be your Brothers best friend?


3. Chapter 3


“Im so bad at this” I had just thrown my bowling ball down the lane, but it went to the site and didn’t hit any pins. “Darn it!” I tried mumbling the last part, but didn’t succeed. “Did I just hear a swear word Mrs Abigail” Louis grasped a bowling ball and stood beside me. “Let the pros, show how it’s done” He took a few steps and bends down gracefully, and hits the pins perfectly, knocking them all over. Screams were heard from the other lane as Liam had a strike. “Take that sister!” He raised his eyebrow at me and sat down. “I hate my life” I sighed and turned around to sit down beside Harry. “Cheer up Love” Harry winked at me and got up to throw his ball. I laughed a little at him, he had always been the young of the group, and now he was all grown up and over eighteen. Now I’m saying ‘over eighteen’, which is quit strange, cause I’m only eighteen as well, but turning 19 this year along with Liam. If you haven’t guessed it, we’re twins. “I guess he got the long straw.” I said as Louis sat down beside me. He leaned closer to me “You got the good looks babe” I blushed and looked down to the ground smiling. “Stop it” I heard him sigh and Harry walked back “You just don’t see it yourself” he got up passing Harry on the way “I’m ruling this shit!” he pumped his fist in the year yelling ‘yes’.   After 1 hour and three more drinks and some shots later, we were about to go home. “How about we all go to my flat?” Zayn thanked no, because he had a date with someone in the morning, and didn’t want to be hung over. Niall, Harry and Becca all said yes. “I’m really tired mates. I can drive you there, but I won’t be staying” The boys downed the rest of their remaining beers/soda’s and then Louis pointed to the exit “To the Louis mobile!” Liam stepped in front of him, holding him back by his shoulders. “You aren’t driving mate. I’m can get your car in the morning, but we’re taking mine now” he sighed and looked down at his hands “Race me!” Louis ran past Liam and trough the entrance, laughing like a maniac.   “One day he is going to get his arse beet” Niall laughed. We all laughed at his comment and walked after the running lads. We arrived at Louis car and saw them fighting over the key. “Mate, just give it!” Liam tried snatching it out of his hands, but with no luck. In the end Louis let go of them and placed his hands at his hips. “You’re lucky I’m drunk” Liam shook his head at him and walked to his own car. The 15 minute drive to Louis apartment was soon over and we were in his flat. “Shots!” Harry went looking for liquor; he started looking behind the curtain. “I don’t think you’re going to find anything there.” Niall looked over Harry’s shoulder, helping him. “You finally cleaned” Becca looked around his living room stunned. “I’m a single lad Becca, I’m not going to clean all the time” Louis went over to a cabinet and opened it. “Boys!” he pointed at the opened cabinet and all of his liquor was stashed there. “What do you want? Vodka, Whisky, rum, beer or cider?” We all got our drinks, and somehow decided to all sit on the floor in a circle. Music playing, of course.   “Spin it!” Becca spun the bottle and it landed on Harry. “Truth or dare Styles” Harry pretended to be thinking hard, rubbing his invisible beard. “Dare” Niall leaned in and whispered something in her ear. “Good one. You have to run around Louis’s apartment naked.” Harry raised his eyebrow and got up. “I always get the easy ones” he sighed and started to dress down. “Come on champ!” Louis slapped his butt and he started running around. “Run tiger run!” Niall fell on his back laughing. I think I might have seen enough ‘parts’ for one night, if you get me?
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