all alone

Imagine your home alone - no one there accept for you and your dog. You grab your mp3 and flop down on the sofa. As Gagman starts playing and you flick on the TV and watch your fave sitcom Friends you were laughing and your dog started barking at the door …..


2. prevoisly

 You run to the back door and its stuck you hear the door crash open you scream as loud as you can and the people next door obviously heard me scream and they come round and see what it is then you hear a faint scream and it goes quiet whatever it was. Was a murder and had killed her you turn to run but you forget the door is there and you run straight into the door and you get knocked out cold and the next thing you remember is waking up with your mum next to you asking if you are alright.

Was it all just a dream??????


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