You're Such A Little Sweetheart!!

jess was at her moms funerel so was her evil sterp dad. thats when she met five young boys. you will never no whats going to happen


1. funurel

Today was the day i'll cry the most i have ever crying in my whole life. Today was the day that my mascara will run down my face. Because it was my moms funerel. :( .  As i walked into the limo i saw my evil step dad getting in his car for the funerel. my step dad Steven , abused me. But instead of talking about my step dad i'll contiue on with the story. Now i was stepping out of the car, and everyone crowded around me, giving me flowers and chocolates and cards to say sorry about my mom.

When everyone was in i saw loads of flashing, and they were around five boys and one handsome young blonde boy mannaged to escape. I didnt quite mannage to see his face but i didnt mind. when the prist was done we had to go to to the party. I didnt feel much like partying but apparently i didnt have a choise because my stepdad told me to. I wasnt having another fight with him though so i did. Then i saw that boy that escaped from the crowd. He started walking to me and gave me a drink. "Ummm thanks, now were did i put my purse?" "No dont it dosnt matter." He had such a cute, soft, irish voise. "um would you like to dace?" he said. "ok."  He looked so beautiful. " so whats your name?"

"Jess." "what about you?"

"Im Niall Horan."

" umm thats an amazing name."

"Know I havent known You for long but would you like to ummm, go to a private beach?" he asked.

"ok." I said "but i cant drive and m,"

"shh ill just pick you up in a limo, k?"

"ok se you there." I said. I usually dont like to trust people but Niall was different,  wait hes from one direction!!!!!! And he just asked me to go somewhere!! OMG!!

"hi umm im Harry and these are my friends louis, zayn and liam, i see youve aleady met niall?" "ummm yeah. i gotta go now bye." "hey dont leave so soon, do follow me." so i followed him. Harry wanted to go out with me but i laughed and said just go find someone else. and i repeated that for all of one direction exepet niall.




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