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This story is about zayn losing his parents and sister in a car accident , but Bella didn't die she is alive but cause the doctor said that to zayn that she died when the doctor tried calling again he didn't answer so Bella had to move on and forget about her brother ...........but one time Bella bumped into someone who is it ?? Will Bella fall in love with one of the guys ?? Will he love her back


2. One month later

One month later :
Bella's pov :
So zayn isn't knowing that I'm alive and mom and dad died that is really not great .so I wanted to clear my thoughts about everything so I went to Starbucks and ordered a hot chocolate ,while I was going back and sit I bumped into someone and of the Hot chocolate fell on me "I'm so sorry "said the guy I know that voice that is z-zayn I stood up and said "zayn" "Bella" said zayn "I thought you died " he said "I didn't " I said while tears were on my cheek .i hugged zayn really tight and he hugged me back tight "I missed you zayn" I said "I missed you a lot " he replied .then zayn said to the boys that he will sit with me .i looked up and saw that Niall was staring at me .i blushed
And smiled he smiled back.
Zayn's pov:
I started "Bella I thought you died cause the doctor called me " I know that he called you Again more than 20 times but you didn't answer so I thought that you didn't want me and ignored me ,even when I got out of the hospital I called but you didn't answer so I moved on" she said "Bella I will never ignore you no matter what happened I thought that it will be the doctor say whatsoever " and kissed her cheek .then the boys came and started jumping all around ............ / I will not post until I see likes and comments
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