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This story is about zayn losing his parents and sister in a car accident , but Bella didn't die she is alive but cause the doctor said that to zayn that she died when the doctor tried calling again he didn't answer so Bella had to move on and forget about her brother ...........but one time Bella bumped into someone who is it ?? Will Bella fall in love with one of the guys ?? Will he love her back


1. Everything

Zayn's pov:
That was the bad news ever my parents died and my sister Bella is between life and dead . And couldn't stay with her I had to go to the concert . I got a call I picked it and answered "hi" , "ummm hi zayn " said someone "who is it ??", "it's me doctor jack " "oh hey doc something is wrong ??" "Um I don't know how to break the news to you but ummmmmmmm ................Bella died " he replied "so you mean that I will never ever get to see Bella again ?" I said as tears forming in my eyes "I'm so sorry for the lost zayn " and he hung up .i started crying really hard ,so Liam came and clamed me down .then Paul came saying "come on boys time for the show " i got up washed my face and went to sing I just hope I will put on good performing .
The doctor's pov:
Okay I have to talk to zayn ,Bella didn't die her heart just stopped for seconds so I called zayn like over 20 times but he didn't respond oh my god ,I think Bella have to live alone from now and forget about zayn ,so I walked out of the room really sad ...........
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