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This story is about zayn losing his parents and sister in a car accident , but Bella didn't die she is alive but cause the doctor said that to zayn that she died when the doctor tried calling again he didn't answer so Bella had to move on and forget about her brother ...........but one time Bella bumped into someone who is it ?? Will Bella fall in love with one of the guys ?? Will he love her back


4. Chapter 4

Bella's pov :
It has been a while since I was there "zayn I want to go home " I said , "okayh sure I will take you there " . " okayh sure ,bye guys " Louis And Harry ran to me hugged me tightly then Niall and Liam came hugging me tightly Niall whispered " I know I just met you but I think I love you " I blushed and zayn noticed and said " Bella ......... Why are you blushing ?" "Unmmmmmmm nothing "I replied "okayh come on let's go " zayn said
~20 mins later ~
Zayn's pov : Niall whispered something to Bella I think I should ask her
"Zayn I think you should go home " Bella told me " no cause you are Coming to live with us " I said
" okayh zayn....." We heard something crack upstairs "you stay here and call the boys now " i said and went up

Niall's pov :
"It's looks like Niall is falling for Bella " Louis yelled and top of his lungs "no" I said while blushing "man you are blushing " Liam and Harry said ,before I could say anything else my phone rang "hi Niall this is Bella zayn says that you and the boys come to the house now "she said "okayh love we are coming I said and all of them were like awwwwwww " shut up zayn said that we have to go to Bella's house now " "you didn't get the address right ?" Liam said "oh shit I forgot "
I called again and took the address
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