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This story is about zayn losing his parents and sister in a car accident , but Bella didn't die she is alive but cause the doctor said that to zayn that she died when the doctor tried calling again he didn't answer so Bella had to move on and forget about her brother ...........but one time Bella bumped into someone who is it ?? Will Bella fall in love with one of the guys ?? Will he love her back


3. Chapter 3

Niall's pov :
I don't know what happened to me when I saw zayn's sister , man she is so pretty and gorgeous ..........I think I'm falling for her , I know it may be weird and odd ...I don't know I just loved her

Harry's pov :
I walked to Bella and said "hi I'm Harry ,this is Louis , this is Liam and that one is Niall " I said pointing them out "hi , it's nice to meet you " she replied

Louis's pov :
"Hi" I said and squeezed her in a hug "hi" she said . But wait is zayn going to let Bella live with us ,he will of course not her live alone

Liam's pov :
" Louis stop we are hurting her " I said . " no I'm not we are just jealous cause you can't hug so tight like me" he replied and let go of Bella "whatever " I said in my best girly voice .they were all laughing " Bella Come on let's go home" zayn said "okayh sure " she said "you will love our house " Harry said " yeah ,I think I will do " Bella said
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