Your Secret Is Safe With Me -- A Harry Styles Love Story (Resumed)

Hey. I'm Elisia, all my friends call me Eli. I live with my dad. My dad is a very angry man and he takes his anger out on me. This story is about the day my life changed. It all started when my best friend found out my worst secret.


3. You're Coming With Me

Harry's POV

When I kissed Eli it as Friday. Today is Monday and it's a new day. I meet her in the morning to walk to school. She comes out ten minutes late and I fear what may be happening behind the front door. She comes out with tears in her eyes and I bruise on her leg.

I gape at her and run to hug her. She pulls her skirt down just enough to cover the bruise. I place my hand in the place where the bruise and kiss her lips gently. She pulls away and looks into my eyes. "Thank you." she whispers. I take her hand and we walk together. I bring hr handtmy lips and kiss it gently. When we get to school I look at her, dry her eyes, and tell her I'll see her at lunch. She nods and walks away, off to her first class.

I wish I didn't have to leave her side.

Elisia's POV

I walk away from Harry. I still can't believe that we kissed. Twice! On Friday, when he left, my dad punch me in the stomach as soon as I walked in the house.

"Don't EVER leave this house without permission again!" he screamed at me. I ran up to my room and I could hear his laughter from the top of the stairs. I cried myself to sleep that night.


Harry is waiting for me when I get to the Cafe. He pulls me in for a hug and kisses my cheek. "Harry?" I ask, tentaively.

"Yes?" he replies. "Um, what are we?" I ask him. I am so scared to hear what he says. He pulls me closer, grabs my hand, and kisses me softly. A girl walks by "Loser." she says, in a cough. I look at her as she walks away and se glares at me. I think people know about my family. I used t have a bnch of friends. Now I barely have any. Jut Harry (who might be more than a friend now) and Anastasia. Me and Anastasia have been friends since 7th grade. I think that she's still my friend because she doesn't know about my dad. 

Harry and I walk into the Cafe and sit at a table with Anastasia. Harry goes up to the counter and gets us some food. He buys my food everyday because my dad doesn't give me lunch money. I've tried to tell him he doesn't need to buy me lunch but he insists. He comes back with a ton of food. He sits next to me and hugs me close. "You didn't have to get that much food!" I insist. He smirks and kisses my cheek.

Once we finish lunch I head to my class and wait for the day to end.

At the end of the day, Harry walks me home. When we get there my dad is screaming at me already. Harry grabs my hand and pulls me close. "You're coming with me." he whispers. The next thing I know he pulling me away and we're running. With my dad running after us.

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