Your Secret Is Safe With Me -- A Harry Styles Love Story (Resumed)

Hey. I'm Elisia, all my friends call me Eli. I live with my dad. My dad is a very angry man and he takes his anger out on me. This story is about the day my life changed. It all started when my best friend found out my worst secret.


1. How Bad It Really Was...

Eli's POV

My name is Elisia, but everone calls me Eli. Except my dad, he calls me El. Right now I'm walking home from school. I'm a junior in high school. My best friend's name is Harry. I know what you're thinking, 'How can such a girly-girl be best friends with a guy?'. Well, it's not hard for us. We just sort of, get eachother. He's walking me home, just like he does everyday. I feel so safe with him. Its like, I have no fears when I'm with him.

Well, that's not completely true. I'm so afraid of him finding out my biggest secret.

As we're walking home together, we're talking about his amazing singing voice. "I am not that good." he keeps saying. I grab his hand and squeeze it tight. "Stop saying that!" I say. "You always say that you can't sing as well as everyone says and blah, blah, blah. But it's all bullshit!" I yell at him. He keeps saying these things and it bugs me so bad I could just stab him. But I don't, obviously.

"You're hurting my wrist," he says. I let go and confirm with him that he'll stop saying all those things. "Hey," he begins. "Guess what, I'm, um, auditioning for the X-Factor." he blurts. My jaw drops.

"Oh my god! You're kidding right! OMG, I love you!" I exclaim, hugging hm tightly. He mumbles something, but I don't har him. "What did you say?" I ask. He shakes his head. "Nothing," he says. Whatever.

We begin walking again. Once we get to my house, we stop and he hugs me. "I'll call you later then?" he asks. I nod and agree, just as my dad storms out of the house. "El!" he screams. I am suddenly struck with fear. "Coming dad." I say quickly. I run up the walk, waving at Harry before going in the house. He waves back and smiles a sympathetic smile.

If only he knew how bad i really was.

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