Your Secret Is Safe With Me -- A Harry Styles Love Story (Resumed)

Hey. I'm Elisia, all my friends call me Eli. I live with my dad. My dad is a very angry man and he takes his anger out on me. This story is about the day my life changed. It all started when my best friend found out my worst secret.


2. Daily Lashings

Elisia's POV

When I walk into the foyer, my dad is standing there. He's snarling at me, and I realize that he thinks I did something wrong, again. I quickly walk to him, staring at the floor. I look up and he slaps me right across the face. I land on the floor and look up at him, tears streaking my face and blurring m vision.

"What did I do?" I ask, quietly. He just stares at me, kick me in the stomach, and waks away. You know, sometimes I think he just enjoys beating me. I stand slowly, making sure he is completely ou of view and take the steps to my room as quicklyas possible. When I get to my room I look out the window, and that's when I see him. He has a look of terror on his face and he has tears in his eyes. He saw everything.

Harry's POV

"Coming dad," she says. She runs up the walk to her house and waves at me as she goes inside. I feel so bad for her. Her dad always seems to be angry. I start to walk away when I hear something 'thud' inside Eli's house. I look at the house and see her through the window. She's lying on the floor, crying. She looks up at someone, I'm guessing her dad, and says something. As she says this, he kicks her in the stomach and walks away. I am terrified. How could I have not known abou this? Does this happen often?  I can feel the tears falling down my face as she climbs th steps inside her house. I look up and see her looking out her window at me. I feel my phone buzz against my leg. I pick up and it's her.

"Harry? Harry, I'm so sorry." she says. I can hear her crying. "Harry please, say something," she adds. But I can't. I'm completely speechless. I look up at her in utter sadness then she opens her window. She whisper yells something but I don't understand it. I hear myself speaking but I don't know what I'm saying. I can comprehend anything. I'm in complete shock. She dissappears from the window and appears at the door. She runs to me and drags me to the alley down the road a little ways from her house.

The next thing I know she is hugging me tightly. She's whispering in my ear, calming me. I can't believe this. I look at her. I lean into her and kiss her. I don't let go of her, I can't. I feel as if I have to protect her even more than I usually do now. I need to speak. I have to say something. I pull away and stare at her as she egins to cry agin. I pull her close and we slide down the wall and stay there. In eachother's arms for, who knows how long.


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