What happens when One Direction gets snow bound for a week with four girls? Who will find love, and who will get their heart broken? Join Liam, Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Niall, when their bus breaks down just before a freak blizzard and room with Cassia, Layla, and the twins, Summer and Winter. One thing is for sure. Their lives will never be the same.


3. Mr. IHaveNoMannersWhatsoever

Chapter 3



Paramore was blasting through my headphones. I officially had the worst headache of the year and it was only March.

            I checked the time. It had been nearly ten minutes since they came inside, and I wasn't being a very welcoming hostess, though I don't see why Layla couldn't do it. She lived here too.


But it's what my parents would expect of me if Dad weren’t directing his new movie, and Mom wasn't at a writer’s convention.


I sighed, and kicked my legs off to the side of my windofa or window sofa. Yes it is a word, or at least it is in my world.


I tossed my iPod behind me and marched towards the door.


"Achooo!", came the loud sneeze, scaring me out of my pants, sending me tumbling over.


"Jiminy Cricket!", I explained, "What are you even doing in here?"


"Uhh.. I was uh, usin' the loo".


"Well did you get lost?"


"No I just..."


"You just thought it would be okay to snoop through a strangers room?" I interrupted him, starting to pull myself up when a hand shot up beside me.


He pulled me up and I tripped immediately over one of Layla's drumsticks.


Dammit Layla.


He still had a hold if my hand but I had so much momentum that I pulled him back with me and we fell into a heap on the ground.


I was winded as he landed on me. I turned my head and was caught in a beautiful sea green gaze, with little sapphire flecks.


My breath hitched in my throat, and he seemed just as dazed. My eyes fluttered shut as he moved closer, his breath hitting my neck.

ohmygodohmygodohmygod! He, Niall Horan, member of One Direction was going to kiss me!


The door flew open and slammed against the wall, effectively killing the moment. In the doorway, glaring was Harry Styles, just in front of a curious Louis Tomlinson.


Louis POV

We chatted, reclining against the sofa, as snow started to come down heavily outside. These girls were super quirky, but in a good way, especially little Layla, I liked that.


"What the hell is taking Horan so long?", Harry muttered. He looked annoyed, but being angsty was kind of his thing.


"He probably got lost, God knows how many times Winter and I did our first times here", said the one called Summer, giggling.


"That or Cassia's found him and taken him captive!"


"Uh why would she do that, Winter?", asked Liam quizzically.


"Because she's like been a Directioner since Freshman year, duh".


"And you guys are how old now?", smirked Zayn.


"Not guys, we are women, and if Cassia was here shed probably kick your ass for getting it wrong", Layla said.


"Promises, promises", he muttered waving a hand at her.


"No seriously how old are you", Harry asked rather impatiently.


"Well Mr. I-Have-No-Manners-Whatsoever, we'll be graduating this year", Winter snapped right back.


"But it's only been two years since X-Factor..." Liam trailed off.

Winter groaned, "Thank you Captain Obvious,  we got put ahead a year and it was the end of freshman year, so do the math son".


I snickered, and Layla decided to throw a drumstick at Harry.

And apparently had very little aim, because it nailed me in the forehead. Causing Harry to crack up, along with Zayn and Liam.


"Oh you think that's funny Harry?" I said snarling as I jumped and tackled him to the ground yelling dog pile.


I could hear the girls snickering at us.


There was a loud thump from above, quickly followed by an even louder bang.


I hopped up, starting to walk.

"Me and Harry'll check it out, it's probably Niall, with his pants round his ankles cuz he's forgotten how to button them properly", I quipped, causing another round of giggles.


I winked at Layla, sparking a blush and took off out the door and up the stairs.


As I walked up the stairs, I was lost in thought, moving slowly. Who were these girls, and what was wrong with them? I mean, not trying to sound cocky and all, but weren't all teenage girls desperately in live with us, and it was the norm for them to go psychotic when we appeared. But no, not these girls.


They treated us like they would any other guys our age.


I wonder if Layla found me attractive, she sure smiled at me a lot, though I'm not sure if that's how she was in general around people, but from what id seen and her, I think we'd get along really well.


I was so lost in thought I didn't notice Harry overtake me on the stairs until he jabbed me and told me to hurry up.

We bounded to the top of the stairs, and walked towards the door on the end, that we assumed was the bathroom, because it was: A. Where Layla said it should be and B. Had a little painting with a dog holding a stick with a line going into the toilet that said 'Gone Fishin' above it.

I smirked at that.

We walked through the door and were met with a massive bathroom, that was probably nicer than any other bathroom I'd been in, and I'd used the loo at Buckingham Palace.

Behind the first few doors was a shower and a toilet. The third door was slightly ajar. Harry stepped forward and threw it open, sending the door flying against the wall.

There was our lost Irishman, sprawled on the floor, on top of none other than the missing girl. His head shot up and he shot us a sheepish smile and the girl just looked shocked.

I stepped around Harry, smirking.

"Oi Niall, gettin some sexy time before the rest of get a chance!" I said joking, not meaning it, not with the beauty sitting downstairs.

"Well", Niall said, sitting up and pulling the girl onto his lap,"I guess I just couldn't resist keeping her all to my self." he said.

The girl slapped his chest and stood, stumbling, and Niall shot up to steady her.

I turned, and it appeared Harry had stormed out. He was in a mood today.

"My name is Cassia, and for your information, we hadn't done anything, my klutziness is fairly hazardous, that's all", she said jutting out her hip, with more attitude than I thought possible for someone so little.

She attempted to take a step forward, but was obviously weak in the knees.

"Here", I said, turning around and crouching down, gesturing for her to climb my shoulders.

"Uh, I don't think so", she said blushing, and I realized she was wearing a dress.

"Oh, okay, Niall lets support her, and head back downstairs and you can meet the others!"
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