What happens when One Direction gets snow bound for a week with four girls? Who will find love, and who will get their heart broken? Join Liam, Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Niall, when their bus breaks down just before a freak blizzard and room with Cassia, Layla, and the twins, Summer and Winter. One thing is for sure. Their lives will never be the same.


2. Bless You

Chapter Two


We stood against the counter waiting for the coffee to brew and discussing the logistics of our trip. We decided we'd leave the following morning to give us time for a shopping day before the concert, when a huge shuddering, followed by a screeching sound came from the driveway.

"What in the hell is that", I exclaimed jumping up and running through the garage to the door, the others following.

I stepped out and took a look at the bus, and the seven people standing beside it...

Wait a minute, I knew that curly hair, and that bus!

Holy shit it was them! One friggin Direction! Must not fan girl! I couldn't stand it, and I wasn't about to embarrass myself either so I spun on my heel and stalked back inside, and to my room, where I promptly threw myself on the bed, face in a pillow.

"Dude what the hell?" Layla snapped from behind me. "Isn't meeting them like the only thing you've wanted to do for the past year?"

I nodded grumbling; I knew where this was going.

"Then get your ass up and go!"

            "Can't", I said sitting up and facing her.

            "And why the hell not", Layla asked, hands on her hips.

            Tears started forming, I think I was about to have a panic attack.  "Because I'll screw it up", I told her," And then they'll never look at me twice!"

            "Oh hon, just be yourself it'll be fine", she said sitting beside me and consoling me with little back pats.

            "Thanks Elle, you're the best". I said hiccupping and getting ready to stand. Upstairs a door slammed open and voices floated from the kitchen down the hall. Shit.

"Quick Layla! Help me get these posters down", I all but yelled.

            This was going to be a monumental task.

Layla's POV

            Poor girl, she was going to go insane. She'd been in love with these guys since freshman year.

            I patted her back one last time before standing. "Well take your time, and then come upstairs and make that blonde one, Niall fall head over heels for ya!"

            "Will do", Cassia said giggling, " and don't worry once we're happy I'll set you up with Lou!"

            "Ohhhh yay! Deal!"

            "Go get him short stuff!"

            I glared at her, it's always the short jokes. Well who cares, I guess and took off up the hall and down the stairs.

            "Where did you guys go?" I hollered, when I reached the kitchen.

            "We're in the game room", Summer called in a singsong voice.

            I dashed through the kitchen and slid in sock feet to the game room door.

Over the years I had seen this place evolve from a floor covered with Legos books and colored pencils, to more of a teen lounge with two couches, A few beanbag chairs and a love seat and three flat screens side by side. Along one wall were video games and movies and along the other was a sort of recording studio with a few guitars and basses, and a drum set and piano/synthesizer. And opposite of it all, on the wall by the door were easels and such, for art.

            Harry and Louis sat on the love seat with Zayn and Liam on another couch. One... Two, Three... And Four. Where was number Five?

            I looked around and saw him admiring one of Cassia's favorite Acoustic guitars. Okay. Five.

            I snapped out of my internal conversation and turned to see most everyone looking at me. "Oh yeah, hey, my name is Layla!".

            The one I believed was called Liam, stood. "I'm Liam, that's Zayn, that's Harry, and that's..." Suddenly something blindsided me, and I fell to the floor. "Hi!" he yelled, his mouth by my ear," I'm Louis!"

            Towards the back of the room, the twins started to cackle, and I glared at them as Louis pulled me up.  "The hell is so funny?", I asked glaring.

            "Well that seems to be his typical greeting", Winter said still cackling.

            "Wait a minute", said a wonderfully accented voice coming from my right said,

            "Weren't there four of you?"

            "Well yeah but she's probably freaking out", Winter said under her breath. Summer smacked her as I thought of some way to explain.

            "Yeah, she just had to do a few things in her room real quick", I answered rather lamely.

            "Oh I see. Where's your loo?", he asked.

            "Up the stairs at the very end of the hall."

            "Right, well, I'll be back in a moment then".

Niall's POV

            My earlier assumption was correct, the house was huge. As I traipsed up the stairs I looked around at the portraits on the wall, and gathered that this was the house of the girl we hadn't met yet and possibly of Layla's but she didn't start showing up in pictures until they looked to be around ten. Heck maybe she was adopted.

            I reached the top and strode down the hall where I could see a door and quickly closed myself in to relieve myself. Saying it was a bathroom was like calling Disneyworld a school playground.

            A long vanity stretched across the wall to my right and a small sectioned off area held the loo, and at the very end opposite the door was a shower that looked as if it could double as a hot tub.

            I whistled, and went about my business.

            Because I was curious I decided to look around the bathroom.

There were shelves full of nail polish, hair things, and a pill cabinet with two toothbrushes and such.

            So this was the girls' bathroom, which means there were more of this caliber in the home. Apparently they had money, and a lot of it.

            I stopped as I came to a third door.

            I debated whether it not to open it, and finally curiosity got the better of me. I opened the door slowly to a large bedroom, with cobalt blue walls and golden trim. The outside wall was mainly glass and extended from the house in the middle to create a sofa type thing inset. To the right was a four-poster bed with a canopy, with little Japanese cartoons on the bedspread, in the other right corner was a lift bed with matching blankets. The other side was much the same, except for the loft bed started where the canopy bed ended. On the other side was a huge walk in closet, complete with two recliners and a

love seat.


Scattered on the floor were guitar picks, sheet music, the occasional drumstick, pencils paper, lyric sheets and an open bottle of golden paint.


A loud sigh interrupted my snooping, I turned quickly and saw that, despite my search, the window bed was occupied by a lithe figure with spiced rum colored hair, in a simple white shift, earphones in.


I stood stock still, watching as she kicked her legs over the side of the bed popping out her headphones and stalking towards the door, never looking in my direction.


I didn't dare make a noise, but a slight draft stirred up some glitter, an I couldn't say where from, the place was covered in it, and it tickled my nose and I tried desperately not to sneeze.


And I failed miserably.

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