What happens when One Direction gets snow bound for a week with four girls? Who will find love, and who will get their heart broken? Join Liam, Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Niall, when their bus breaks down just before a freak blizzard and room with Cassia, Layla, and the twins, Summer and Winter. One thing is for sure. Their lives will never be the same.


1. Aren't you Guys Like, A Boy Band?



I looked up, startled and dazed. "Whaa-", I asked confused.

"She asked if, during Spring Break, you're still making them go to the stupid boy band concert in LA", said my brother and I pulled a face at him.

How dare he insult the five most amazing guys to bless the universe?

"Of course we are still going! I'd have to be comatose to not go, duh!"

"That could be arranged", my friend Winter muttered.

I rolled my eyes and gave her the best death glare possible.

"Well I don't know about you two, but I wanna go! Maybe we can go backstage!" Layla exclaimed!

"Layla, we both know you only want to go so you can have a shot at the floppy haired one!"

"Louis, Louis Tomlinson", I quickly reminded her before Layla shrugged with her typical, yeah, so what-look.

"Well it is a charity benefit, so it can't be all bad".

Thank God for Summer! I smirked as Winter glared at her twin.

"Who cares, can you just get on your way so I can play the X-Box", my younger brother Carson interrupted.

"Sure whatever play your stupid Call Of War, or whatever it is", I said walking out of the room.

"Call of DUTY!!!"

I gave him the finger.


Niall's point of view

I laughed as Louis pounced on Harry and dragged him out of his bunk.

"Come on Harry, we're almost 3/4 of the way there! Wake up and talk with me!"

"Go away Lou, let me sleep...” Harry muttered, turning away.

"Looks like a rift in the Larry Stylinson relationship!", Zayn said as he chuckled.

I shifted and looked back out the window. From what Paul said it had been a cold spring in Illinois so we could run into more snowstorms, as if they hadn't had enough already. It looked like there was two feet of snow on the ground!

Suddenly the bus groaned and shuddered and our drier hollered he would have to pull of to the side of the road, right in front of a very large house, with the lights on.

We parked, and everyone climbed out to see what was up with our tour bus.

Paul consulted with the driver and turned to us his face grim.

"Well boys, looks like you should see if someone's home to keep warm while the rest of the crew and I go get another bus and a tow truck.

At that moment the garage side door opened, and four teenage girls, not much younger than us stepped out. Great here come the screams.

I waited, but they never came, in fact one turned and slammed the door, and a second with an apologetic glance went after her.

The two left, both lanky blonde girls, walked towards us.

"Yo, you guys need some help, or like a place to wait for a mechanic?" the slightly taller one asked.

Paul nodded and stepped forward introducing himself.

"I'm Winter", replied the girl who hadn't spoken yet, and gesturing towards the other girl, said, “and this is my twin Summer, the two who went inside were Layla and Cassia."

We each stepped forward and introduced ourselves, Zayn kissing their hands making Summer giggle a bit.

"So aren't you guys like a boy band or something?" Winter asked, smirking.

"That we are ma'am, and we'd like to take you up on that offer, please".

"Wooh!" Louis yelled and tackled them both!

When they squirmed away, Winter shot up spluttering. "What in the hell is wrong with you?"

"I apologize for Louis", Paul said, turning to us. "You boys behave, because I'm giving the girls the right to kick you out".

"Yes Paul", we all said, as if we were little school children, knowing that if Louis was himself we'd be out in the cold.

Then the girls stepped away gesturing for us to follow.
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