The Fall - A Movellas Memory

This was one of the first things I worker on while I was here. It was never completed, but it was definitely a fun task :)


9. ~ 9 ~

Helios tripped along the path, looking back over his shoulder and raising a hand in farewell at the few people who had gathered to see him leave. He did say anything, his mouth remained clamped.

Hero, he thought. Hero.

He shook his head, and gripped the reign of his mule and walked along beside it, deep in thought. Delphi. He needed to find the Oracle. His mother had given him some directions, and said a bunch of things that was anchored in the idea of 'don't worry, you'll be fine'; but sounded like, 'DON'T PANIC! JUST DON'T PANIC, AND YOU'LL BE ABSOLUTELY FINE!' She'd hugged him and bade him farewell. He hoped he see his people again. He didn't know what 'hero' meant or what it would lead him to. 

He hoped he'd see his mother again.




Helios cocked his head to a side.

"What did she just say?" he asked sheepishly to the translator.

The Oracle was a thin, arachnid of a woman who made Helios's skin crawl. She had unruly blonde hair, wild eyes - one green, one blue - and spoke the 'language of the gods'. That is to say - she looked, acted and spoke like a complete maniac. Helios had even managed to be whacked in the face by the woman a few times whilst she was delivering the rabble of twisted words the translator called a prophecy.

The translator, a short man with a flamboyant beard and oiled, curly hair, held out a hand, "Spare a few coins, sir, and you shall receive the answer you've journeyed to seek."

Helios groaned. How much had he paid this madwoman and her lackey already? He shook his head, and tipped a few more coins into the man's hand, "There. What did the Oracle say?"

"She said: Beware the tortoise," said the translator. 

Helios's patience finally ran out. He grabbed the translator by the collar, gritting his teeth, and said, "I'm done playing games!" He raised the man so that their noses were touching, "Give me a decent prophecy, or I'll give you Beware the tortoise!"

The translator raised up his hands in surrender, "Don't shoot the messenger, sir, I'm only relating to you what I understand."

Helios threw the translator and retorted, "Then perhaps the messenger will -"

"Please, sir," said the translator, "this is as much I can say. The Oracle has received what you've heard already."


Helios gathered all the useless information the Oracle in his head: 

"The north is the cradle of harsh mutton,

Fear the wrath of the bearded man,

The seed of the Tree of White can be found in the Centre,

Beware the tortoise."


Helios clenched his fists in anger. "Waste of my time and waste of my earnings!" he yelled at the Oracle and the translator, and stomped out of the office, slamming the door behind him.


Stomp, stomp. Stomp, stomp.


Helios, his anger vanishing, looked up.

Oh, he thought, horrified, You have got to be kidding me.

A giant foot stepped in front of him. He sighed - half in disbelief, half in irritation - as he looked up at the giant tortoise in front of him; its leather back gleaming in the sunshine. It roared, making the ground shake and pebbles skitter away. On it's head, stood a tall girl in battle fatigues, and a long spear. The look in her eyes seemed more wild than that of the Oracle's.

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