The Fall - A Movellas Memory

This was one of the first things I worker on while I was here. It was never completed, but it was definitely a fun task :)


8. ~ 8 ~


                High on a mountaintop, as far away from Helios as could be imagined, a ripple emanated from the long, elegant finger that stabbed at the water in the black bowl. Within the ripples one could see Helios as he continued his journey.

“Well my husband?” spoke a woman dressed in gossamer layers of cloth that sparkled as she spoke. “Do you still think my chosen hero will falter?”

“Hera, of course he will falter.” replied Zeus, God of Gods and ruler of Olympus. “He is not even human. He has no special gifts such as Heracles had or even Perseus. Without your support he would not have made it this far. Very clever of you to arouse Cronos at the perfect time.”

                In the meeting hall of the Gods Zeus and Hera had watched Helios’ journey thus far intently. It was more than just idle curiosity, it was a plan. A plan devised by Hera and it carried with it a wager. If Helios completed his journey and defeated all the obstacles placed in his way Hera would win. Zeus would be bound by his word to remain faithful to his wife and never again visit the world of mortal women. It was a wager Hera meant to win…by whatever means necessary. She turned and smiled seductively at her husband as she excused herself from the room. Zeus sat back in his throne sighing heavily.

“Brother!” said Poseidon, “surely you don’t intend on allowing this creature to pass the tests?”

“Of course not Poseidon” he answered quickly. “This one must be done differently, more discretely. If Hera should find out I cheated her fury would have no bounds.”

“But you have a plan?” said the sea god.

                Zeus stood and walked towards the doorway, making sure no prying ears would retell what he was about to say. On the walls around the room were literally millions of small clay statues, each of which represented one mortal. He stopped as he spoke in hushed tones and lifted them from their spots on the wall.

“In the past I have always counted on a demigod to win my mortal battles.” he said as he looked through the figures. “And I shall do so again. This time will be different though, less likely that my hero is in fact a known demigod. In the past I have use men exclusively; Heracles, Perseus, Minos…all men. This time I will use a woman. Her heart is black as midnight and as unforgiving as one of your rogue waves brother.”

As he spoke he removed the statue of a young girl clad in the short robes of the Amazon women with one of their bows in her hand. He placed it gently on the table before speaking again.

“Xena” he said looking at the statue. “She has been a pirate and a warrior and is called the “Destroyer of Nations” by her numerous enemies. She is my daughter and quite unknown to Hera. She shall be the weapon that wins this day for me.”

                Even as the two Gods laughed and patted the other’s back Xena found herself falling into a strange sleep. She had been crossing a Mongolian desert on her way to one of the few friends she had Lao Ma. Suddenly she was unable to remain awake and fell into a deep slumber in the back of one of the wagons in her caravan. She began to sweat and shiver from chills at the same time while she dreamt of a faraway land, covered in the thickest of forests. The dreams went on for what seemed like days and when finally she opened her eyes instead of the wagon’s covered canvas top she saw the nighttime stars. She saw immediately they were in the wrong positions and knew immediately she was far from where she had been.

                Thankfully her sword, bow, and quiver were still with her and she held them as the myriad sounds of the nighttime forest filled her ears.


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