The Fall - A Movellas Memory

This was one of the first things I worker on while I was here. It was never completed, but it was definitely a fun task :)


7. ~ 7 ~

Helios peered over to look at the water hoping to see anything alive lurking within the black river. There was nothing in his sight so he looked over at the other side of the river and he thought,

Could I jump to the other side? Is it that far?

He looked again then he knew that it was just too far! He waited for the creature or creatures to show themselves. Then suddenly the log was nudged to the side, Helios almost fell into the dark abyss but luckily he balanced. He looked over the side again then he noticed a blurred face appear from the darkness, he leaned in a bit more then the silver, slithery, snake - like creature with the head of an ice dragon burst out of the water and snapped at his face then let out a snarl. Helios jumped back but stayed on the log, then behind him another one of the creatures grabbed onto the back of the log with its powerful jaws. Helios noticed another one that darted beneath the log, they all tormented him by rocking the log in different directions then one of them grabbed at the front of the log and tried to bring it down and Helios along with it. Helios jumped on the opposite end of the log that was being lifted up to the sky. He found it hard to balance but he soon found it easy.

His time was running out, soon the log was soon going to be tipped over into the black, disgusting river. One of the creatures jumped in the air and lunged at Helios, but before its fangs could get to him Helios caught it by the face in mid - air. Helios looked at it for a second then it hissed at him, in rage Helios threw it back into the river.

"RAHHHHHHHHH!" Helios screamed as the creature fell back into the water, another one of the snake - like creatures emerged from the water and glared at Helios. The log was tipping over then Helios leaped on the snake - like creature then quickly jumped to the other side of the river ... he landed on his stomach and he made it!

In relief, Helios got up and wiped off the sweat on his face. He looked back and the creatures had gone, and the log was tipped over.

"Phew that was a close one!" He said as he strode forward, continuing his long journey.    

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