The Fall - A Movellas Memory

This was one of the first things I worker on while I was here. It was never completed, but it was definitely a fun task :)


6. ~ 6 ~

Helios had a task, and he, although confused, had some idea of what he was meant to do. He went passed some trees on the way to the polluted river. Eventually he came to the river.

He sat down for a bit, relaxing his legs. He then looked at the length of the river. It was long. It would take too long to go round - he would have to cross it.

He found a wooden log and some twigs. He sat on the log with his feet up so he wouldn't get his legs into the black, unseeable water that may have contained all sorts of things. Then he began paddling.

Whilst on top of the water and paddling, one twig vanished into the water - and he didn't drop it. Something pulled it under. Then his other twig went. "Oh great", he thought. "I'm going to get killed."

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