The Fall - A Movellas Memory

This was one of the first things I worker on while I was here. It was never completed, but it was definitely a fun task :)


5. ~ 5 ~

Helios bowed his head, sweat dripping from the back of his neck and his hands trembling.

"I said speak!" Cronos blew out fire from his fuming nostrils.

Helios shuddered and then, "C-Cronos, Great Protector of the Forest; pity me. I was merely sent by my p-people to over see the Tree of Light. Our elder said that the Orcs were up to their old mischiefs once more, and I only wanted to s-stop them."

Cronos sniffed the pile of burnt Orc corpses, and drew back his head in disgust, "Yeuch! Smells like something Cerberus would throw up," he shook his head, and turned to Helios again, "Your people...?"

Helios nodded, more comfortable now, "The Elves of Nahoui. The Tree was given to us by the Men of Lithorean, as a gift for our bravery in the Great Wars. The Tree gave our forest life... But it seems that the Orcs have returned. I haven't seen so many since the Fall of Sauron."

Cronos thought on this, tilting his scaly head to a side, and then spoke, "This is strange. I, Cronos, have been asleep for many years since the death of my father, Smaug, at the hand of that blasted halfling, Baggins, and King Bard of the Men of Dale," Cronos lifted his head, and blew a plume of fire in disgust, before continuing, "Something must be stirring."

Helios nodded his head furiously, "Yes, your Destructiveness. W-What do you suggest I and my people do?"

"Do? " Cronos guffawed heartily, "I am nothing more than a Guardian of this Forest. I am no wise-man  But it would be wise of you go to take advice from the Oracle, Delphi," the dragon huffed, "If the Orcs have the nerve to destroy the White Tree, then," he regarded Helios, "I'd be worried."

Cronos nudged Helios, and the Elf fell head-first into the floor. He rose spitting the dust. The dragon laughed once more, "Go forth, Hero. This tale will be a long one."

Helios frowned, "H-Hero? What...?" 

But the dragon just smiled, flapping his giant wings and flew away.

Helios was still confused, but nodded. He trekked off towards the polluted river. He knew what he had to do next. He make a stop to his village. And then find the Oracle.

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