The Fall - A Movellas Memory

This was one of the first things I worker on while I was here. It was never completed, but it was definitely a fun task :)


4. ~ 4 ~

The great dragon looked down from the perch he had chosen high above the scene that played out below him. Dozens of Orcs and this…whatever it was…running through the forest now as if the very flames of Netheropolis licked at his heels. His golden eyes narrowed at the sight of the Orcs and when he looked past them at the fallen tree hatred took hold of him once more. His wings spread wide and he launched himself towards a clearing that he knew Helios would burst into in a matter of seconds. As if timed perfectly the elf and the dragon arrived simultaneously, a huge clawed hand grabbing at Helios and lifting him swiftly into the sky by the scruff of cloth on his back.

                Helios closed his eyes the moment his feet left the ground and kept them closed as mighty wings beat rhythmically above him. Within seconds the dragon had returned to his perch and set the elf down in front of him.

“Who has the nerve to defile this forest?” he growled; smoke beginning to lift in wisps from his mouth. “Tell the truth forester, was it you?”

Helios vehemently shook his head no, his vocal chords still paralyzed from the sight of Cronos, guardian of the forest. The great dragon was supposed to be little more than a legend but clearly, this was no imagined deity that held him. Slowly he lifted his arm and pointed towards the Orcs that had been pursuing him. The dragon clutched at Helios and swooped down onto the victorious Orc camp. The Orcs had dispatched the rhygronos and were in the process of butchering the creature for dinner.

“Is this true Orcs?” bellowed the dragon. “The elf claims you cut the sacred tree! Speak to me now! Is this claim by the elf true?”

                The Orcs shuddered as they gazed at the colossal beast standing before them. He stood nearly forty seven feet tall from ground to tip of his spiral horns. His scales at first appeared black but as the sun touched them one could see the true color was an almost iridescent indigo. The scales that made his chest and underbelly were much larger and more rectangular in shape and were a few shades lighter than those on his body. His legs and arms were proportionate in length and his hands were as articulate as any of the humanoid races, this being evident in the way he held the elf. His snout was long with rows of pearly-white teeth with two great dagger-like canines. Smoke wafted from his mouth and nostrils, evidence of the fire that raged within him and above his golden eyes two horns grew, spiraled like a unicorn’s yet almost nine feet long. Below him one Orc found the courage to speak.

“Great dragon” he began, “guardian of the forest. We came across this elf cutting the tree. We implored him to stop but he screamed that once the tree fell he would be able to feast on Orc flesh once more. Fearing for our lives we banded together and chased him through the wood to you knowing that you…in your infinite wisdom…would know what to do with such a defiler of the beauty of nature.”

                Cronos looked at the elf in his talons, just hanging there with no struggle and then back at the Orcs who still held their axes and spears in their green, calloused hands.

“I do know how to punish those who destroy friend Orcs” he said with a smile. “Punishment must be swift and final. It must be agonizing and terrible so that others will fear it. And it must be just.”

His eyes narrowed as he looked at the elf and the smoke from his nostrils began to plume. Helios could see the scales on his belly begin to glow as the fire within the great beast grew hotter. Cronos pulled his head back opening his huge mouth and Helios could see the flames rising at the back of the dragon’s throat. He pulled his hands to cover his face as the sound of the roaring flames began to engulf his hearing, eliminating every other sound of the forest.

                At the last moment Cronos pulled Helios from the direction of his blast and where the troop of Orcs had stood just seconds before only ash and melted iron remained. Helios pulled his courage and squinted one eye open and looked at Cronos as the great dragon chuckled.

“Feast on Orc flesh indeed.” He mused. “Just because I was hatched in the morning doesn’t mean it was this morning. Well forester, you have been spared this day. Now kindly continue in being truthful and tell me what transpires here today and why the Tree of Light was sacrificed…and more importantly, what your role in this sad affair is.”


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