You just changed my life


1. That amazing moment

Grace's PVO...

What was Krissy doing knocking on my door at 7:00am on a SATURDAY I jump out of bed so she would just stop.When I open up the door and she screams and says she got tickets for one direction we both jump around the lounge room and scream, in till my neighbour tells us to be quiet.

Krissy's PVO
After grace gets dressed we go shopping for something to wear. We both buy some 1D bracelets and some canvas shoes that we can decorate. We walk out of the shopping centre and I finally tell her we got two backstage pases she screams and does her little happy dance in front of everyone. We get in the car and drive to her house to get ready.

Grace's PVO...
So I'm starting to stress now Like is this dress ok or is my done right. We finally get there and it is packed we go to the VIP area and watch the show it was amazing. After the show we went back stage were one direction is they introduce themselves.Wow that's actually Niall he's laughter is so buetiful.

Niall's PVO..
Who is that I ask Louis he doesn't know so I go and find out my self "hi my names Niall
What is yours "
"Hi my names grace "
As soon as I heard her speak I liked her there just something about her.
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