the elder tree


1. The elder tree

The road she walk on is nothing more than a trail trod by animals on their way to the water. The wind is cold and strong, it's the last days of autumn and she can feel snow in the air. She reaches the tree and sits down besides it, cuddled up in the blanket she brought with her. She visit the elder tree every time her feelings overwhelm her, every time she needs comfort. The tree does not judge her like her parents does, it does not demand things of her, that she cannot deliver. She can sit there for hours until the cold drives her home. When she leaves a little smile passes her face and the world seems a little less frighting  She turns to look at the tree one last time before the snow comes and makes the trail impassable. The bare branches reaches towards the sky, as they have always done, but the elder tree is dying, her tears has poisoned the roots and the strength she feels when she leaves is taken from the tree. When she returns in the spring the tree will be gone, taken by the spirits that once protected it.

It is know that the elder trees protects and helps the ones in need. But it is also know that strength do not last forever.

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