I just love you

Monique was accepted to a school in London for her final year of high school. Se shares a room with four other girls. None of them like one direction. When they find the boys are going to the same school as them they try to ignore them but with the boys popping up everywhere Monique starts to like Harry but she might turn him down a few times. What would happen then? Does Harry get annoyed?


3. Walked in on dancing

Moniques p.o.v

We had English and I sat down in a seat. Harry walked in then sat in the seat next to me. 'hello!' he says. 'hi' the other girls walk in and they sit next to each other and in stuck next to Harry. Great! I look over to them. 'what the hell' I mouth and point to Harry. 'sorry' Alana mouths back. 

'ok so I'm going to need you guys to write a fantasy novel about your life. Next week it is due and you will all read it to the class' the teacher begins. 'shit!' I mutter. I feel Harry's eyes on me. 'what's wrong with that?' he whispers. 'the part where we read about our lives' I say through gritted teeth. 'was your life that bad?' I nod. 

'there are pads of paper and pens if you lift up your desk top. Start writing' great another assignment. And I really don't want to do this one.

Harry's p.o.v

We start writing and I know I shouldn't but I look sneakily over at Monique's paper. She's already half way down her page and trying to cover her work. 'Harry please don't look' she says. How'd she know I was looking? 'I have a sister she try's to take my makeup I learn to keep an eye on everything' so that's how. I continue writing. Me and the boys have done so many of these. I see a tear roll down Monique's cheek and she wipes it away. 'are you ok?' I ask kneeling next to her table. She nods and keeps writing. I caress her cheek. 'mr styles go back to your seat!' I stand up and sit back down.

A few minutes later she drops her pen and runs out the room crying hard. The teacher goes to walk out after her but Alana gets up. 

Alana's p.o.v

I see Monique get up and leave. I know how hard this is for her. I get up and whisper to the teacher this 'mrs I know what she did just then was unacceptable but you have to understand her life wasn't the easiest. I know you may get that a lot but Monique is special.  would you like me to go and talk to her?' she nods and I walk out and find Monique in the hall crying with her head in her hands. I sit next to her and hug her. Harry walks out. 'are you alright love?' he asks. We sit there in silence . 'harry go back in' i say. He gets up and walks in. she soon calms down. 'do you want to go back in?' She nods and wipes her running mascara. We walk in together and I walk to her seat with her. 'you ok?' I ask. She nods an starts writing again on the tear smudged paper. I get up and walk back to my seat next to Kay-Lynn and tori. Harry looks at me. 'don't ask her' I whisper. He nods and writes again. 

Monique's p.o.v


I feel so stupid. I cried on the first day. After the last lesson we went back to our rooms to change. The uniforms were really uncomfortable. I put grey tracksuit pants on and a navy blue tank top. 'do you guys feel like getting some of this stuff finished?' i ask. They all say yes. I pull on my ugg boots and a rainbow checkered unbuttoned shirt.  I leave my hair down coz I was to tired to put it up and we went to the library. 

First day an we already has assignments for each lesson. Us five girls were the only ones in here. Then the door opened and the boys walked in. 'I swear you boys are stalking us!' tori says. 'or you're stalking us!' Louis says. 'but we were here first' I say. I get up from the  Table I was sitting at with my work scattered all over it and went to the book shelves. I look up and find the book I was looking for. I try reaching for it but I was too short. 

A warm body comes up behind me and reaches up and brings it down. 'thanks' I say and turn around and walk back to the table. 'don't you boys wear shirts?' I say. 'Monique. Your lucky Harry has pants on!' Louis says. 'Louis shut up!' Harry says. I laugh and sit down and slide my glasses back on. They were the ones that 'nerds' wear. 

(3.14x6792)+78-184=' question one. what the hell. What human knows this? Harry sits next to me. 'it's 21220.88' I look at him. 'how in hell did you work that out?!' I ask. 'I'm from outer space' he jokes. 'no really he is. Have you seen his four nipples?!' Louis says. 'wow thanks lou!' Harry says. I write the answer down and continue with it. He gets up and comes back with a book on the history of great britain. That's for history. Obviously.  He starts writing things down. Today we have had all the same classes.

Someone farted. 'Niall!' Liam exclaims an moves away from him. 'that's feral!' Harry laughs. I don't say anything and just pack up maths coz that's done and walk Paige to see if she's done. She is. 'do to want to start doing the dance?' I ask. 'yeah. But where? We can't do it here.' I look around. 'do you want to go to the auditorium?' she nods and we pack up our stuff. 'we are going to the auditorium see you three later. See ya boys' we say and leave. 'bye love!' Harry calls.

 The auditorium was open so we walk in. We set our bags on the chairs in the front row. 'so firstly what song?' Paige asks. 'what about Candyman by Christina aguleria?' I suggest. 'that might work. Or maybe turn around by Connor Maynard?' Paige says. 'we could make a mash up!' she agrees so we walk to the DJ desk in the middle of the audience and start working on the mash up. 

'so we will start with Connor and then when it gets to here we will put in Christina. Then put the beat to Christina in the background mashed with Connor and the words to Christina' we had our song in about half an hour.' So let's go.' we start working the dance out. 

We had the steps in about two hours. 'run it once through?' Paige asks. I agree and we start from the start. At the end we finish sitting on the chairs with our head slung back. We got up and hugged each other. 'that was unbelievable!' we looked out to see who it was. 'who's that?' I ask. He steps forward. 'Harry and liam what are you doing here?' Paige says. 'watching you dance your both very good.' 

'well thanks we are going to go now' we take our bags and slide our shoes in then walk out the auditorium. 'we have to lock the doors next time' Paige says and we laugh. 

We get back to the room and the others are sitting on my bed. 'so Harry calls you love hey?' Kay-Lynn says and nudges me. 'I honestly don't know why he calls me that. I don't like him. I'm kinda tired. Goodnight guys' I get under the covers and sleep.
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